Dover Motion, a technology solution provider for motion control systems, announces the launch of a new product, the XMG Miniature Linear Stage. This new stage is another version of Dover Motion’s Miniature Moving Magnet Stage (MMG) and offers a higher force density.

The capability of this stage can be attributed to the cutting-edge, patent-pending motor technology invented by the motion experts at Dover Motion.

In order improve the force density; the new XMG model features a number of features:

  • Ironless motor delivers 100% cogging-free smooth linear motion.
  • Highly optimized motor to minimize force ripple and force variations. The novel motor design ensures that force variation along the motor’s electrical cycle is minimal compared to a typical linear motor stage as shown in the below chart.  With a sinusoidal back EMF, the XMG stage ensures that the force ripple is also negligible.

These features are advantageous for applications such as stepping or scanning motion within a microscope, which requires a stable velocity or consistent force to move and settle as fast as possible.  The high power direct drive motor generates less heat for the same motion profile as compared to less powerful motors, resulting in more accurate motion.

The high power direct drive motor in the XMG Miniature Linear Stage allows larger payloads and faster step and settle and as a result, this product is suitable for high throughput systems where a higher rate of acceleration is essential. In a 50 mm stroke stage, the MMG is capable of 14g acceleration. In the case of vertical applications, the XMG stages will self-support larger loads without any counterbalance due to the more powerful motor. The benefit is a simpler installation and lower costs for purchasing and adjusting extra components such as magnetic or air counterbalance hardware. This product is also useful for applications where excessive motor heat gain will negatively affect the working environment or positioning performance.