Yara North America broadens its fertilizer coating offerings with the introduction of YaraVita Procote, oil-based micronutrient liquid suspensions that evenly coat each fertilizer granule. Procote will be available in the elements zinc, copper, manganese, boron and their combinations. YaraVita Procote will be distributed in the U.S. by Nachurs Alpine Solutions.

Micronutrients are necessary to ensure the highest crop quality and yield. However, traditional applications of micronutrients include dry blends which produce dust and segregate, causing uneven spreading and limited plant feeding sites.

“Agronomically, a blended product does not provide an even distribution on the soil,” explains Adam Richardson, Foliar and Micronutrient Product Manager for Yara North America. “A limited number of feeding sites for the plants leave the crop starved of essential micronutrients.”

By coating each fertilizer granule with a liquid suspension micronutrient, there is no segregation and dust is virtually eliminated.

“Every fertilizer granule carries the right amount of micronutrient and delivers it efficiently to each plant,” Richardson says.

Liquid micronutrients are easy to apply and require no bags. The dust-free product is sprayed in the blender via a pumping system, resulting in a product that handles better during transport and spreads better on the field.

Each YaraVita Procote micronutrient coating is easily identified by a different color; zinc is blue, for example, and copper is red. Yara has introduced these products as “The colors of yield” and welcomes Nachurs Alpine Solutions as its sales partner in the U.S.