Greetings. I am the group publisher for our agricultural magazines FARMING, Serving Pennsylvania, New York and New England, and Growing. This is my first Publisher’s Letter for Growing, but I write frequently for the FARMING publication. If you are a long-time reader of Growing, you may remember that this magazine is a spinoff of the original FARMING.

There are changes to report with our Growing staff. Stephanie Schartner, our long-time associate publisher, has taken another position with Grand View Media, and will no longer be part of the Growing family. We will miss her dedication to this industry, but we are happy she is still with our company. Stephanie has endless enthusiasm for her job, and approaches every situation with a smile. I am sure many of you reading this had a chance to meet Stephanie at various trade shows.

Taking her place will be EJ White. EJ has been with our company a while, and connects well with the agricultural industry. EJ started his career focusing on the dairy and maple fields, but adapted easily to the fruit and vegetable genre. EJ grew up in the Lyndonville, Vermont, area and graduated from Lyndon State College. He enjoys snowmobiling (not much this winter though), riding his motorcycle, hunting and fishing.

EJ is also a member of the Vermont National Guard. He serves weekend duty, and a couple of weeks throughout the year. I am very proud of EJ’s dedication to the guard and I appreciate the sacrifices he makes to serve our country. Grand View Media fully supports all employees who are currently serving or have served in the military. Did you know our editor in chief, Michael Freeze, spent four years in the Navy?

If you see EJ or Michael at a show, make sure to say hello.