Global agriculture is facing a series of crisis in food production due in part to climate change, pests and pathogen problems. Adding in the high costs of production, lack of qualified people in controlled environment agriculture, the rising world population, among others and it’s a perfect storm of constant pressure of available food supplies. The program of ICCEA 2015 will provide solutions to some of these problems by the implementation and proper management of Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA), as used in greenhouse, vertical farms and ag tech.

The International Congress on Controlled Environment Agriculture will take Place in the Republic of Panama, at the Sheraton Hotel between May 20 – 22  2015. The Panamanian Government teaches and trains its farmers in technology in Green House, Vertical Farms, Ag Tech and Protected Agriculture and opened the country to host this year’s International Conference on Controlled Environment Agriculture (ICCEA 2015).

Panama is a privilege country for its location; the Panama Canal moves the economy of the country and the whole continent. The Panamanian government enacted laws to improve and implement high tech agriculture in the country with financial aid and new regulations. Panama is the hub of the Americas with direct flights to all main capitals of the American Continent and Europe.

Speakers will focus on the skills and knowledge needed to finance, design and operate a successful and innovative farm. The event will focus on the six main areas of Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA); Managing the Environment, Managing Nutrient Solutions, Managing your Growing Systems, Managing Light, Managing Water and Managing Energy.