BioSafe Systems is announced they will be exhibiting at Indoor AG-Con 2015 in Las Vegas. BioSafe Systems will be at booth #12 showing their latest research with their newest products, CalOx, TerraGrow and SaniDate 5.0. CalOx is a finely micronized lime that quickly increases soil pH, stabilizing it for more than 35 days. A blend of beneficial bacterial and fungal spores, TerraGrow was developed to improve soil characteristics, plant stress tolerance and vigor. BioSafe will be teaching growers about SaniDate 5.0, a sanitizer and disinfectant for food contact and non-food contact hard surfaces. Inhibiting the growth of algae, bacteria, mold, and mildew, SaniDate 5.0 destroys human health pathogens like listeria, E. coli, and salmonella, all of which can cause food borne illnesses.

The conference will include discussions on the future of the industry, current trends locally and around the world, sustainability and new technologies. Attendees will hear hands-on and real-world case studies and videos from growers around the world using the latest and up-and-coming technologies. One of the panel discussions will feature Jeff Kline, BioSafe Systems’ Specialty Products Segment Manager.

For more information about BioSafe’s involvement at the 2015 Indoor AG-Con, contact BioSafe Systems at 888.273.3088 or visit their site here.