The World Ag Expo, held February 9 to 11 in Tulare, California, had another busy year. With over 2.6 million square feet of exhibit space on the grounds, attendees had a chance to see everything from the newest technology to the latest in farm equipment.

Tuesday started off with a lawsuit protection, tax reduction and estate planning seminar hosted by Larry Oxenham, author and senior advisor at the American Society for Asset Protection.

Photo Feb 09, 12 12 59 PMOxenham said the number one mistake people can make is that they don’t have their legal entities set up. He also mentioned that there are three threats to wealth: lawsuits, taxes and probate and estate taxes.

With lawsuits, the problem is that people wait until the problem happens.

He brought up a dentist metaphor: “Believe in brushing your teeth to prevent a toothache instead of waiting until it hurts to go to the dentist,” Oxenham said.

Oxenham’s best rule of business planning is “if your lawyer or accountant gives you bad advice, you suffer at the end. You have to manage your documents like you manage your employees.”

He then talked about methods of ownership. Limited liability companies, limited partnership and capital gains.

“You can have your property anywhere but your ownership should be wherever you can get protection, like Alaska for example,” Oxenham said.

Wednesday’s “Building Today’s Supercow” seminar had a big turnout.

Photo Feb 09, 3 33 42 PMThe big question was: what is a supercow?

To put it in simple terms, speaker Lindsey Worden said that it’s any cow on your farm that gives you the most profit. Worden is the Executive Director, Holstein Genetic Services at Holstein Association USA.

“Informed decision-making begins with a solid ID and records,” Worden said. “Official 840 ID tags are the gold standard for animal ID.”

Worden also explained there are five fundamentals for success:

  1. Establish an accurate animal ID
  2. Analyze your situation and make a plan for how to use the genomic information
  3. Submit DNA samples, correct percentage errors and receive results
  4. Use tools to analyze data and make decisions
  5. Execute your pre-determined plan

With Thursday being the last day of the show, last minute attendees walked the grounds with enthusiasm.

Mazzei Injector Company’s John Petrosso hosted a “AirJection Irrigation Increasing Yields and Water Use Efficiency” seminar.

Tractor from the Antique Farm Equipment Museum

Tractor from the Antique Farm Equipment Museum

The seminar touched upon the benefits of AirJection and the environmental benefits. But, what exactly is AirJection?

“AirJection is injecting air into water with a Mazzei injector and delivering the air and water mixture to the root zone via subsurface drip irrigation,” said Petrosso.

Crops need well aerated soil and adding air to the root zone can result in less stress overall on the plants, he added.

Lastly, there are four benefits of AirJection, according to Petrosso: it can increase root zone aeration and add value to grower investments in SDI; increase in yields and potential improvement in soil quality associated with the root zone; environmental benefits like improvements in nitrogen use efficiency, increased activity of soil microbes and reduced deep drainage of irrigation water and finally, the conservation of scarce water resources will gain favor for sustainable irrigated agriculture.

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