AirSpade announced the newest addition to the AirSpade product line, the HT144 Shrub Gun, a compressed air soil excavation tool.

The AirSpade HT144 excavates soil covering roots and other underground objects without damage. The HT144 dislodges the soil, leaving tree roots, cables, metal and plastic pipes unharmed.

“The AirSpade HT144 is changing the way arborists, landscapers and gardeners care for plants,” said Thomas Tremblay, President of Guardair. “We recognized the need of our customers to provide a more compact AirSpade tool and the HT144 does just that. The growing season is a busy time for our customers. With AirSpade, they can get the job done easier.”

Weighing less than five pounds and featuring a two-foot barrel, the HT144 works for close-up work. This portability allows arborists, landscapers and gardeners to utilize AirSpade technology in many new applications. Operating at 60 cfm, the HT144 can run on a compressor as small as 15 horsepower, or on a standard 185 cfm tow-behind unit.