Aram Solar

Designs and installs solar power systems that help offset electricity usage and can also be used for other purposes, such as greenhouse applications.

Clipper Windpower

Wind energy technology, turbine manufacturing and wind project development, including the 2.5-megawatt Liberty wind turbine.


Conergy’s Projects Group offers solar power packages for agriculture applications such as wineries, farms, processing and packaging facilities and more.

GE Energy

The 1.5-megawatt series wind turbine is active yaw and pitch regulated with power/torque control capability and an asynchronous generator.

Nordic Windpower

Nordic Windpower’s line of utility-scale wind turbines includes the N1000 1-megawatt turbine for large wind farms and for smaller wind deployments.

PulseTech Products

The 5-watt SolarPulse charger features ReNew-IT Pulse Technology that prevents sulfation buildup on lead-acid battery plates. Helps extend battery life.


Sun Clear stops condensation drip, helping to prevent fungus and allowing more solar energy in, reducing heating costs. Easily applied to glass or plastic.


SolarCraft offers a wide variety of solar energy services, including the design, installation, service and repair of systems for agriculture.


SolarWindTek sells, designs, installs and maintains professional, high-quality wind turbines, solar-wind water pumps and solar energy and hot water systems.


SunPower has helped agriculture and cold-storage companies cut electricity costs and improve energy efficiencies while reducing their carbon footprint.

SunWorks Power and Electric

SunWorks Power and Electric specializes in commercial, industrial and residential solar electric systems, including systems for agriculture.

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