Alternative Heating of North America

Orlan Paxo wood gasification boilers are adapted for combustion of various sizes of wood granulation from sawdust to large pieces.

Americas Wind Energy

A supplier of wind turbines to the wind power industry throughout North America. AWE owns the rights to Lagerwey wind turbine technology for the Americas.

Clipper Windpower

Wind energy technology, turbine manufacturing and wind project development, including the 2.5-megawatt Liberty wind turbine.


Conergy’s Projects Group offers solar power packages for ag applications, such as wineries, farms, processing and packaging facilities and more.

GE Energy

The 1.5-megawatt Series Wind Turbine is active yaw and pitch regulated with power/torque control capability and an asynchronous generator.

Nordic Windpower

Nordic’s line of utility-scale wind turbines includes the N1000 1-megawatt turbine for large wind farms and for smaller wind deployments.


SolarCraft offers a wide variety of solar energy services, including design, installation, service and repair of systems for ag.

SunWorks Power and Electric

SunWorks Power and Electric specializes in commercial, industrial and residential solar electric systems, including agriculture.

Solar WindTek

SolarWindTek sells, designs, installs, and maintains professional, high-quality wind turbines and solar energy systems, water pumps, hot water systems and pool heating systems