Simplify Denesting

The Wedge Wheel Clamshell Denester from Lakewood Process Machinery offers a number of benefits to growers and packers with its built-to-order cartridge design. The Wedge Wheel system comes with a simple frame that can be mounted onto nearly any existing index conveyor and accepts any Lakewood Wedge Wheel denester cartridge. Each cartridge is designed to a container’s specific footprint, offering extreme precision in clamshell denesting. The denester does not need to be adjusted when switching to a different container size. It is available for a variety of different container shapes and sizes, both lidless and lidded. The machine is rated to denest over 300 containers per minute, and the clamshell-specific cartridges guarantee fewer doubles. Each system includes a single denester frame and any number of container-specific denester cartridges., 800-366-6705

Drammatic Fertilizer

Dramm added a new blend to the Drammatic fertilizer line, Drammatic 5N. This all-natural organic plant food is derived from fish scraps from the Great Lakes and is OMRI-listed. The Drammatic Liquid Fish hydrolysate contains the natural oils, amino acids, nutrients and minerals found in fish. Drammatic 5N supplies plants with additional nitrogen and potassium for optimal growth. The Drammatic fish fertilizer line can be used for organic, sustainable and conventional crops and is available in 55-gallon drums, 275-gallon totes and 5,000-gallon tankers.,800-258-0848