Put the Freeze on Frost

New Avionics Corp. announces a new ice detector for use in static-air applications. New proprietary technology eliminates all moving parts. The Ice*Meister Model 9734 Industrial Ice Detecting Sensor System operates as a digital ice/no-ice indicator. At maximum sensitivities, it detects the incipient formation of any kind of ice, and even senses the condensation from human breath. At minimum sensitivities, it distinguishes heavy ice from slightly heavier ice. It detects and “stretches” raindrops for precise control of irrigation sprinklers, and it detects the point at which rain has turned to ice.

Model 9734 precipitation sensor system runs on less than .5 watt from virtually any power source available, of any polarity. The unit’s three components are the sensor head, the cable and the interface board. Users provide raw input power, and receive data output via isolating relay contacts. This helps avoid system ground loops. Various options are available for the sensor head and cable assembly. User interface board is provided and can be enclosed in a weatherproof NEMA 4X box.

Get Going and Get There

KIOTI announces its new line of utility transport vehicles, the new MECHRON Ultimate Transport Vehicle. The line is driven by a fuel-efficient, 22 hp, three-cylinder Daedong diesel engine. Features include one of the widest tracks on the market; four-wheel drive; front limited slip differential and rear differential lock; 56-inch-wide dump bed; and 1,600-pound payload capacity.

The MECHRON includes a MacPherson strut suspension up front and independent Dual-A arms with adjustable coil springs in the rear, providing 12 inches of ground clearance.

Other features include rack and pinion steering; 25×10-12 tires up front; heavy-duty tubular steel frame construction and OSHA-approved ROPS with seat belts; two-speed continuously variable transmission; four-wheel disc brakes; a rear hitch receiver for a trailer or three-point hitch; halogen headlights; and more.

Options include a hydraulic lift for the dump bed, front receiver and winch, rear operator screen, windshield, work lights, fog lights, dump bed cargo extenders and a Realtree Camo finish.

Spread the Love

Newton Crouch’s new 9-foot Model 49 Row Crop Pull-Type Spreader has a 304 stainless steel hull for fertilizer/lime, ground-driven self-contained hydraulics and medium clearance. Features include 172-cubic-foot capacity; maximum load of 6 tons; 1.5-inch front and rear rollers; 16-inch stainless, clinched conveyor chain; 24-inch, 3/16-inch thick dish with six .25-inch blades; and standard gate jack cover with extension handle.

The spinners are twin in series, double bearing with a triple seal, and the trailer is powder-coat paint. It also has a swiveling, 4-inch wide, double bolt, reinforced hitch and 18-inch drawbar height.

Its self-contained hydraulic system is ground-driven, with manual drive wheel engagement and optional hydraulic cylinder that requires 5 to 8 mph.

Gardening Containers & Accessories

SKS Bottle & Packaging, Inc. presents its new Gardening Containers Index. The range includes containers for seedlings or seed storage, compost containers, plant food containers and more in plastic, metal and glass.

Additionally, a line of containers for packaging harvests, from canning containers to sauce bottles and jam jars, is also available.

Keeping Track from Anywhere

SmartWeather from Dynamax, Inc. is a remote weather station that uses the SmartCrop Base Station to transfer environmental data wirelessly from the grower’s field to the Internet. The SmartWeather station collects ambient temperature, relative humidity, wind speed and direction, rainfall, total solar radiation and barometric pressure. Data is automatically uploaded to the Smartfield Web server, where data can be viewed or downloaded to your PC.

First Alert on Frost

Onset announces the HOBO-node Wireless Frost Alarm System, which combines a wireless temperature sensor, receiver and software. The system can wirelessly transmit air temperature readings to a PC and can provide audible and visual alarm notifications via cell phone text messaging and e-mail when frost conditions set in. The system also allows growers to view current temperature readings, as well as temperature trends over time. Integrated solar-rechargeable batteries eliminate the need to replace batteries.