EPA is debuting a new electronic system for pesticide applications, the Pesticide Submission Portal.  The action is the first step in a phased approach that will ultimately allow EPA to accept all pesticide applications electronically, a move that will help modernize the pesticide registration process, increase operational efficiencies and reduce paper waste.

EPA will continue to accept paper, CD and DVD applications but encourages applicants to take advantage of this new option.

EPA is currently accepting the following types of applications through the Pesticide Submission Portal:

  • New pesticide active ingredients,
  • New pesticide products containing already-registered pesticide active ingredients,
  • Amendments to registered pesticide products,
  • Experimental use permits,
  • Inert ingredient requests,
  • Pre-application,
  • Petitions for food or feed tolerance, and
  • Distributor products.

In the future, all pesticide-related forms will be available for electronic submission through the Portal.

The Portal is accessed through EPA’s Central Data Exchange (CDX) Network and requires user registration. For registrants currently submitting CDs or DVDs using the e-Dossier downloadable tool or their own builder tools using EPA’s XML guidance, they may use the Portal and forego the courier costs to send to EPA.

For electronic submissions, applicants do not need to submit multiple copies of any pieces of their application, as the requirement for multiple copies of data and five copies of draft labeling only applies to paper submissions. Additional benefits of using the Portal include a status indicator that allows registrants to track the movement of their submissions and automatically generated MRID numbers.

Additional information on the Portal, including a user guide and updated XML guidance is available on EPA’s Electronic Submission for Pesticide Applications page.