BW Implement

BWI provides a number of tools for weed control, from a full line of discs and chisels to the solid mulcher for orchard floors.

Danville Industries

Danville chemical applicators allow operators to apply chemicals without drift. Mix the chemical as if it were a sprayer.

Flame Engineering

The Weed Dragon is a torch kit that naturally eliminates weeds by exposing them briefly to heat.

GrassWorks Weed Wiper

The GrassWorks Weed Wiper features all-steel construction with a steel drum and shielded boom sprayer. Towable and three-point hitch models up to 50 feet.

Green Hoe Co.

The rotary head attachment roots out tough weeds and cultivates the soil at the same time.

Harris Mfg.

The Wonder Weeder offers operating speeds of 5 to 6 mph, low-profile design and shallow approach angle. Non-powered heads do not throw rocks and debris.

Hillside Cultivator Co.

Rolling cultivators cut and tear weeds from the soil. Units feature hydraulic width adjustment for row cultivation up to 48 inches.

I&J Mfg.

Row Crop Cultivators are up to 12 rows wide and come in three-point hitch and horse-drawn models. Options include rolling shields and disc hillers.


The eXccit seed coat product range combines specific priming and disinfection technologies to eradicate pathogens from seeds, without compromising germination.


Weeders for eradicating weeds mechanically. Four models with working widths from 7.5 to 20 feet. Adjustable tines to accommodate row crops.

SunShine Paper Co.

WeedGuardPlus is an all-natural, 100 percent biodegradable paper fiber mulch and weed barrier. It allows water and air to pass through but blocks light.

Weed Badger

The Weed Badger 4200 with positive depth control is designed for tractors from 18 to 30 hp and kills all in-row weeds without chemicals or hand labor.

Willsie Equip. Sales

Wheel hoes are an efficient hand-weeding and cultivating tool. Use with cultivators or adjustable oscillating stirrup hoes.

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