Cadman Power

Hard hose travelers come in over 30 models, with inside diameters from 1.1 to 5 inches. They are efficient, economical and easy to use.

CDS-John Blue

The injection check valve allows for more uniform distribution of products. It features 100 or 200 GPH continuous flow capacity and glass-reinforced polypropylene body.

Delta Plastics

Offers poly irrigation tubing as well as recycling of used poly tubing at the end of the growing season.


The VitroClean glass filter media is a replacement for silica sand and other material in media filters. It filters finer than sand with 20 percent less media required.


The WP-1000 water pump features a die-cast aluminum housing, 21.2cc engine with Pro-Fire electronic ignition and discharge rate of up to 28 GPM.

Ecologel Solutions

Hydretain is a patented moisture management technology that effectively reduces plant watering requirements by up to 50 percent or more. Maximizes crop yield.

Forestry Suppliers

The TreeCOVEr is made of heavy-duty, UV-stabilized polyethylene and provides continuous drip watering for trees to save time and encourage deep root growth.

Forsta Filters

Offers self-cleaning filters in a wide range of sizes, orientations and varying degrees of filtration in order to accommodate any demand.

Growers Supply

Netafim drip tape features TurboNet technology for increased flow path velocity and improved dripper performance. Reduce plant stress and produce optimum growth.


WH15 and WH20 pumps offer high pressure with a lower flow, cast-iron impellers, discharge capacities of 115 and 134 GPM and a direct drive system.


The Watermark monitor is a battery-operated data logger that automatically reads up to eight sensors. View readings on the screen or download to a laptop.


The Drip Tape Layer features an automatic braking system that maintains constant tape tension and prevents tangles. Available for single or double rolls of tape.


The Water-Reel is portable, allowing for irrigation of multiple locations with a single machine. Water can be applied at various depths for different crop requirements.

Micro Rain

Turbine-drive traveling sprinklers are available in sizes for 1 to 30 acres and feature automatic retraction at the speed you choose.

Nelson Irrigation

The R33 uses Rotator technology to provide longer throw distance, fight wind and deliver uniform coverage. Use for overhead irrigation, cooling and environmental control.

Netafim USA

DripNet PC drip line has a pressure compensating feature to deliver precise water applications. Multiple dripper flow rates, spacings and tubing diameters for flexibility.

Orchard Valley Supply

Driplok is an economical drip line holder. The built-in saddle prohibits water flow restrictions.

Ronk Electrical Industries

The Add-A-Phase phase converter is quiet, designed for most pumping applications and 97 percent energy-efficient. It generates no harmonics.

Senninger Irrigation

Pressure regulators overcome pressure variations that can alter emitter flow or sprinkler uniformity. They are water-tested for accuracy and come in several models.

Spectrum Technologies

The WatchDog 1000 Series soil moisture station allows users to monitor, compare and evaluate soil moisture at multiple levels in the rootzone with one station.

Topcon Precision Agriculture

The System 210 helps improve surface drainage and irrigation efficiency. Dual-constellation GPS and GLONASS reception provides maximum accuracy.

Turf Teq

Self-propelled, walk-behind trenchers can trench up to 7 inches deep and up to 5 inches wide. They feature a 13 hp Honda engine and hydrostatic transmission.