Compact Spreader

The Model C-25 compact manure spreader from Conestoga Mfg. features two-wheel ground drive for maximum traction and a capacity of 20 cubic feet. COR-TEN copper-bearing steel is used in C-25 boxes to provide corrosion resistance four times that of plain carbon steel. Conestoga boxes feature all-welded construction with an epoxy primer and two-part urethane paint. Additional durability features include hardened sprockets, grade 5 bolts, oil-impregnated bushings, sealed bearings, heavy-duty roller chain and poly vinyl floors. All C models come standard with stainless steel T-rod apron chain. Twelve beater paddles have a rooster comb design to tear away at hard-packed material. They are bolted on for easy replacement. Adjustable web drive allows operators to choose from four different speeds to spread a light dusting up to a heavy coating. All C series models come standard with jacks for easy hook-up and detachment., 855-822-1976

Site-Specific Irrigation

Irrometer Co. released the new solar-powered IRROmesh System for the agricultural market.IRROmesh simplifies irrigation management for precision farming. Solar-powered nodes “talk”to each other, relaying critical data for site-specific irrigation management. This self-initializing,self-routing and self-healing mesh radio incorporates Irrometer’s Watermark Soil MoistureSensors and can transmit to the Web for cost-effective and convenient 24/7 data access. Eachnode is capable of reading three soil moisture sensors and a soil temperature sensor, along withinputs for recording irrigation events and rain gauge data. The nodes automatically relay messagesforward, enabling economical data collection over large areas. Data can be stored in the field andretrieved with a PC., 951-689-1701