Stay Strong

A.M. Leonard now offers Overwinter Plus and Cover Plus films from Ginegar as the exclusive U.S. distributor. Costing less than standard 4 mil overwinter film, the new 3 mil OW Plus is stronger than standard 4 mil and 5 mil films. Also, the new 4 mil OW Plus is stronger than and can replace standard 6 mil overwinter films.

New Cover Plus films are built to last multiple years. When a single season is not enough, these films can be used for structure coverings, bed liners, weed barriers for orchard plantings and row crops, and darkening and shading plants to prolong dormancy or promote flowering., 800-543-8955

Arm Yourself

The Armed Gardener is a patent-pending protective sleeve that is perfect to wear while doing daily chores. The sleeves are made of 95 percent nylon and 5 percent spandex, and two sets are included per package. The one-size-fits-all protective covers provide a snug fit from the wrist to above the elbow. They allow a person to wear comfortable tank tops or T-shirts while providing complete protection for the arms. The Armed Gardener protective sleeve may be used with or without gardening gloves. This flexible, lightweight, comfortable sleeve protects the arms from thorns while keeping out ticks and other insects. The stretchy knit sleeves also protect arms from sunburn and poisonous plants. The Armed Gardener is machine-washable.

Vineyard Management System

Vintel, new from iTK, is a Web-based decision support system for optimum vineyard management and superior-quality wine. The system provides growers with timely and accurate data to manage daily vineyard operations. Vintel can collect viticulture data from in-field sensors and allows users to optimize their use and upload data remotely via smartphones and tablets or from third-party consultants. Statistical analysis helps growers evaluate multiple virtual scenarios in pursuit of the optimum vintage. The software evaluates farm histories, climate, cultivar properties, soil properties, plant maturity and pest cycles to provide actionable information. Vintel then provides the user with daily monitoring reports, detailed plot information, best practices, yield predictions, irrigation management, fertilization information, risk prevention solutions and quality control strategies. The Vintel application is highly customizable and can easily be integrated into current management schemes and vineyards of any size. The cloud-based platform allows easy access and automatic updates within the Vintel modeling engine.