Hold It

BioSafe Systems launched a new adjuvant, HOLDit, which is an effective, easy-to-use product that reduces drift risk and maximizes pesticide performance. Use it in your spray program for greater residual control. The formulation of HOLDit locks in the active ingredient, allowing the combination to provide a higher degree of residual control of bacterial and fungal plant pathogens. The ability of HOLDit to hold the active ingredient and allow it to stick to the intended target will effectively improve deposition, allowing for increased product efficacy and decreased off-target spray deposition. HOLDit was specifically formulated for use with BioSafe’s line of product chemistries and will improve the performance of ZeroTol 2.0, OxiDate 2.0, OxiPhos and AXXE.

http://www.biosafesystems.com, 888-273-3088

Make the Connection

The McCrometer CONNECT System provides wireless remote monitoring and total system solutions designed to meet the needs of growers and vineyard managers. Solar-powered field stations and sensors offer data communication via satellite, cell and radio to relay critical information. Managers can access data via tablet, smartphone or personal computer; determine when irrigation is required and apply only what is needed; and receive alerts about frost conditions or when other environmental changes occur. The system handles integrated pest management and disease risk modeling, along with degree-day and ETo calculations. Users can receive notifications via email, text or voice mail on irrigation system performance. Choose from a wide range of sensors, communications, systems and accessories for design flexibility. The versatile system covers a complete range of agricultural monitoring applications, including pump and water level monitoring, water quality and automatic meter reading.

http://www.mccrometer.com, 800-220-2279