Flexible Piping System

Netafim unveiled PolyNet, a flexible, lightweight piping solution for above and belowground agricultural drip irrigation systems. Utilizing a collapsible design, PolyNet enables growers to easily install and relocate a drip irrigation system for use in an alternate field or different configuration. It features leakage-free lateral connectors and integrated welded outlets, spaced according to customer requirements. Available in a range of diameters, PolyNet’s thermostatic collapsible irrigation pipe is constructed from polyethylene materials that are designed to be versatile and durable. Requiring no specialized installation tools, PolyNet is equipped with a connector kit and an array of branching and lateral fittings, making it compatible with any Netafim on-surface or subsurface irrigation system.

http://www.netafimusa.com, 888-638-2346

Versatile Flail Mowers

Bobcat Co. introduced 30 and 40-inch flail mowers for Bobcat excavators. Side safety chains help deflect and contain debris within the housing. A rotor brake will stop the mower from full speed in seven seconds or less when the flail mower hydraulics are deactivated. The triple-knife design helps deliver smooth cutting action. The compact deck allows the flail mower to manage varying ground contours, maintaining surface contact for efficient cutting. The pin-and-hook design of the Bobcat X-Change mounting system delivers fast, easy attachment changes. Reversible flails provide bidirectional rotation by switching the hydraulic hoses at the drive motor, which increases overall flail life. A rubber torsion disc also absorbs stress forces encountered during operation. Heavy-duty flanges on both sides of the rotor protect the drivetrain from dust and debris.