United Fresh 2013 Donates Produce

United Fresh and Feeding America have long partnered to prevent fresh produce from going to waste. After this year’s show in San Diego, more than 30 volunteers helped collect donations from the convention floor to benefit those in need who are serviced by Feeding America San Diego’s partner agencies, such as food pantries, soup kitchens and other emergency feeding centers.

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USDA Providing Satellite-Based Vegetation Assessment

The USDA launched a new, state-of-the-art, satellite-based crop condition vegetation assessment and monitoring service named VegScape. It delivers interactive vegetation indices so that Web users can explore, visualize, query and disseminate current vegetative cover maps and data without the need for specialized expertise, software, or high-end computers.

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Syngenta and DuPont Agree on Technology Exchange

Syngenta and DuPont announced technology licensing agreements that will broaden each company’s crop protection product portfolio and enable both to bring new products to market more efficiently. Syngenta has obtained a global license from DuPont to develop products containing DuPont’s fungicide oxathiapiprolin.

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NPN Announces Grand Forks Fertilizer Plant

Northern Plains Nitrogen (NPN) leaders announced their plans to build and operate a $1.5 billion nitrogen fertilizer production facility near Grand Forks, N.D. The world-scale production facility will include a 2,200-ton-per-day ammonia plant, plus urea and urea-ammonium-nitrate (UAN) production facilities.

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