Nelson Irrigation Corporation has introduced the new R75 End of Pivot Sprinkler.

This sprinkler is based on Rotator® Technology and throws up to 70 feet (21 m) past the end of a pivot, helping to fill in corners and gain added acreage — up to 13 acres (5.3 ha) irrigating full circle and up to 7 acres (2.8 ha) corners only (on a 1/4 mile pivot). The R75 can operate alone or be combined with the SR100 Big Gun® to maximize uniformity and pick up even more acreage.

Features of the R75 include an easy to access nozzle, dual barrel spray plate and adjustable stops. The operating range for the standard R75 is 40-60 PSI (2.8-4.0 bar) while the low pressure version should be used within a range of 25-40 PSI (1.7-2.8 bar).