R3030 Rotator  Orange Plate copyNelson Irrigation has introduced the 3030 Series Pivot Sprinkler line and the new 3NV Nozzle.

The nozzle allows users to manage a pivot in new ways. The 3NV nozzle fits all existing Nelson sprinkler types: Rotator®, Spinner, Accelerator, Sprayhead, Orbitor, and Part Circle.

Key Features of the 3NV Nozzle include a side inlet, an “off” option and a nozzle flush.

The 3NV Nozzle system allows a grower to push and turn the nozzle between on, off, nozzle flush and line flush positions to remove debris without removing the nozzle. The nozzle can also act as an integral shut-off valve and can be part of a Dual Nozzle Clip (with Hi-Flo, Lo-Flo differentiation).