Keeping Fuel Dry

Dieselcraft Fluid Engineer-ing has developed a line of sensors to detect water at the tank bottom before it gets dispensed or for installation in water separators to alert the user of water presence.

The Dieselcraft Model 06-5 and 06-6SP Sensors are a solid state sending unit and a self-grounding stainless steel probe. The Model 06-5 unit is designed specifically to detect water in diesel fuel and gasoline but will also detect water in fluids with less conductivity than water. The 06-6SP is supplied with an additional output lead to use with a PCL control to send an alarm to shut down the equipment.

The ABS electronic enclosure houses two LED lights: the green LED light indicates the sensor has power and is ready to work, and the larger red LED will come on and stay on when water is detected in the 06 Series. The unit also incorporates an audible alarm. This buzzer will sound for 5 seconds to bring attention to the water detected.

The new Model FWS-HH portable water detector is a hand held unit that can be used in conjunction with the tank dipping process.

New Family of LED Side Turn Lamps

Grote Industries has introduced its new family of six side turn lamps. A variety of mounting designs and connector options makes the new lamps suitable for multiple applications. The six new LED side turn lamps come in three styles, each with a choice of either male pin or hard shell connectors. The grommet-mount version works well for traditional applications and direct replacement of existing grommet-mount installations. The integrated flange-mount version is low-profile, easy to install and comes with a matching mounting pad to absorb stress due to flex from the mounting surface or torque from mounting fasteners. The compact surface-mount version has the smallest footprint, lowest profile and lightest weight, allowing maximum flexibility for all mounting environments.

New Tray Option

The Blackmore Co. has announced the availability of its new 96 Ellepot 25 mm. The new tray is 2 inches deep and has fluted cell walls for added strength, to channel water and roots and to help lock in Ellepots during shipping. The 18-inch-by-12-inch tray also features a label ramp.