Field Connect

John Deere introduced John Deere Field Connect to provide site-specific water management data to facilitate the decision-making process surrounding irrigation practices. The Field Connect system continuously logs soil moisture data from probes installed in fields and transmits the data to a website that customers can access remotely. The fully integrated system includes three different probe options, a solar panel, and both satellite and cellular data connections. Customers can program the system to receive alerts based on set parameters. Field Connect graphs soil moisture readings at the individual sensor level and over the entire monitored soil profile, and shows water movement within the profile over time. The system can be customized to each field depending on the type of crops grown, soil type and water management objectives. Producers will be able to integrate the data from Field Connect with yield, soil type, fertility and other agronomic information to more effectively optimize productivity.

Go Mobile

PET Tiger (Payroll Employee Tracking) from Orange Enterprises is a paperless, wireless labor management system that integrates multiple devices such as regular time clocks, biometric clocks, hand-held devices and smartphones. While performing field operations, harvesting, packing, transportation and administration, those devices send data to a single database. Current mobile communication technology makes it possible for agricultural operations to make labor decisions with greater precision in real time. PET Tiger data mapping visually provides, on a map, the status of a company’s labor force. At any given time, you can see who is working in the field, what task is being performed, how much productivity has been achieved and what equipment is being used. The maps are accessible on any mobile device with Internet access, like smartphones, iPhones and tablets, as well as laptops or PCs. The collected data is used for import to accounting software to process payroll checks and provide a cost accounting system.

Major Series Tractors

Zetor North America, Inc. announced the relaunch of its Major Series of value-priced utility tractors in the U.S. and Canada. Initially, the new Major will be available in an 80 hp, four-wheel drive cab version, with 60 hp, 70 hp, two-wheel drive and cabriolet (open station) models to be added later. Along with its heavy-duty frame, the Major features a rugged, reliable and easy-to-service four-cylinder Zetor engine free from the complex electronics and computer controls of other tractors in its class. In addition, the Major’s engine offers a torque rise of more than 35 percent, reducing the need for frequent downshifting. Adding to its ease of operation is the Major’s 12-speed forward/12-speed reverse synchro-shuttle gearbox and user-friendly hydraulic system. It has a lift capacity of more than 5,500 pounds. The Major’s roomy cabin combines convenience and comfort with ergonomically designed controls, excellent all-around visibility and optional air conditioning.

Portable Probe

The TH150 Portable Soil Moisture Probe from Dynamax is portable, accurate and easy to use. The versatile tool can be used for irrigation scheduling and greenhouse applications. It determines water content in soils of all types, even in dry conditions, and has built-in calibrations for mineral or organic soils. The TH150 is ready to go right out of the box and includes everything needed to take portable soil moisture readings. With the press of a button, instantly display soil water content as a decimal or percentage value.