Two New Tractors in the Family

Kubota Tractor Corp. has added the L3200 and L3800 tractors to its Standard L-Series. Available in two and four-wheel drive models, the L3200 and the L3800 deliver 31.9 and 37.4 gross hp, respectively. Both models come equipped with either a gear-drive or three-range HST hydrostatic transmission and a 10-gallon fuel tank.

Equipped with a three-point hitch with large-capacity hydraulic pump, the new L-Series models are performance-matched with the new LA524 quick attach/detach front loader and BH77 backhoe. The LA524 front loader features a curved boom design with lifting capacity of up to 1,490 pounds and a bucket breakout force of 2,462 pounds. The BH77 backhoe offers a curved boom and digging depth of 92.5 inches, and an optional six-position mechanical thumb. Other implements compatible with the L3200 and L3800 include rotary tillers and rear snowblowers.


Keep the Frost Off

New Avionics Corp. announces its new adaptive defrost controller, Ice*Meister Model 9734-REFR, for walk-in refrigerators and freezers, reach-in refrigerated display cases, air conditioners, compressors, HVAC systems and other self-defrosting chiller systems.

The Ice*Meister helps reduce, limit and prevent all insulating frost and works by sensing the interaction between molecules of frost and photons of light. It conserves energy by operating defrost heaters when and only when frost is present. Ice*Meister senses the earliest appearance of frost on refrigerator coils. As soon as frost appears, Ice*Meister turns the compressor off, turns the heater on and immediately begins to melt away the frost. Then, as soon as the offending frost has been melted away and removed, Ice*Meister turns the heater off and turns the compressor back on again. The refrigerator returns to normal operation, its defrost controller sweeping back and forth across the frost-formation threshold, and actively keeping the condenser coils frost-free.Ice*Meister can be installed on any refrigerator at the factory, or retrofitted in the field as an aftermarket product.

Deep Tray with Extra Space

The new Blackmore 50 Star Deep is 2 5/16 inches deep with 70cc soil volume per cell, also designed for 40mm Ellepots. It features a special fluted conical bottom design to help prevent root curling. Roots are directed out of the bottom of the tray and air pruned. It also has a label ramp and fluted cell sidewalls for extra strength, which act as a conduit for air to get to the bottom of the cell and help keep plants in the tray during shipping and handling.


New Organic Seed Polymer

Becker Underwood has introduced Polymer 1172 – O, an OMRI-certified, water-soluble seed polymer designed to bind organic seed treatments onto seed and control dust-off.

The new seed enhancement polymer is a water-soluble powder, which forms a liquid slurry that can be applied by standard seed-treating equipment. Polymer 1172 – O suppresses dust-off during seed conditioning, treatment, planting and re-bagging of seed.Polymer 1172 – O is certified by the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) for use in organic seed production.