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QuickStart Prescriptions

Valley Irrigation announced the addition of QuickStart (QS) prescription writing to its Variable Rate Irrigation (VRI) product, allowing growers to customize their water application throughout their field. The Valley VRI Agronomy Team develops the one-time, custom QS prescription based on soil maps, aerial imagery, yield data and other relevant information about the fields provided by the grower. When this information is provided with new orders, the QS prescription is preloaded in new Valley Select2 and Pro2 control panels. QS prescriptions are also available to growers with existing center pivots who want to utilize Variable Rate Irrigation through panel upgrades and by using TrackNET and BaseStation2 products.

Along with their field-specific, custom prescription, growers will also receive a copy of the Valley VRI Prescription Software. With this program, growers have the ability to modify and generate their own prescriptions as field conditions and crop requirements change. In addition, they can work with other precision ag companies to further enhance their VRI Prescriptions.

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Efficiency Measurement Module

Orange Enterprises, Inc. has developed a tool that instantly determines the efficiency of packinghouse crews via a user-friendly bar code labeling system. The module handles all aspects of payroll data collection for paying employees as well as labor contractors paid either by time or by piece. The Payroll Employee Tracking software (PET Tiger) system tracks each piece in a packing line and measures the quantity of pieces against the pace at which crew members pack them. Data is accumulated through bar code labels that are assigned to each employee. The labels identify the employee and the sequential number of pieces they have packed in a run to determine three things: the employee’s hours, the number of pieces (categorized by size) the employee packed in that time, and total number of pieces packed per run. Employees simply attach the bar code label to a form at the beginning and end of each run for continued and accurate traceability. As the software measures the data, it automatically creates a color-coded run projection that determines whether or not an employee is on track to reach their targeted goal.

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