PET Tiger iPhone App

Orange Enterprises has developed a new user-friendly iPhone application that monitors individual and crew job efficiency and productivity in real time. The app is a labor management tool that gives supervisors a bird’s-eye view of what is going on in the field at any given time. Users of the app add the iPhone (or Android) smart device to the PET Tiger (Payroll Employee Tracking) system. The system exports existing data to the device. The new user simply logs in with a user name and password to begin time and attendance tracking in the field.

Self-explanatory buttons are displayed on the main menu. Time and attendance are quickly managed, along with productivity and equipment use. Records can be entered via touch screen or bar code scanning. The PET Tiger app also operates in “crew mode,” which tracks the same time and attendance/productivity information for an entire crew at one time.

Data entry can be modified at any time throughout the day as changes occur in the field. The user can be limited to what they can and cannot modify. Once the data is entered, it can be synced to the main server, making it available in the Windows version of PET Tiger and allowing productivity to be managed in real time. The app also keeps track of paid and unpaid breaks, in a manner that complies with state and federal mandates., 559-229-2195

Mole Management

The Magnum Mole Trap from Keen Mill is a professional-grade, user-friendly trap that utilizes a longer trap zone and a unique cam arming system. Anyone can set the trap safely and easily. There are no harmful free-swinging parts to avoid. It delivers powerful spring force for quick and effective trapping. The intelligent activation trigger is less susceptible to surface vibrations, which means fewer false alarms. It features eight steel spikes.

To use the trap, locate mole mounds and tunnels and press them down with your foot to level the area. Position the long structural spikes of the trap to straddle the tunnel. Sink the trap into the ground until the precision-calibrated trigger is touching the ground. Arm the trap by pulling the cam strap upward until the trigger locks into position., 800-417-3936