ECO Diesel Power

Kioti Tractor announced its new NX Series, equipped with the new Tier 4-compliant ECO technology, which reduces emissions within the environment. This is the first series produced with all Daedong Tier 4 ECO diesel engines. The NX models are designed for “4L” performance – low vibration, low noise, low fuel consumption and long lifetime. They are equipped with hydrostatic power steering, rear differential lock and wet multi-disk brakes. Additionally, the tractors offer rear PTO speeds of 540 rpm, optional mid PTO speeds of 2,000 rpm and a 3,177-pound lift capacity. Models are available with a three-range hydrostatic transmission or 24×24 synchronized shuttle and with 45, 50, 55 or 60 hp engines. Optional equipment includes single or dual remote hydraulic valves, side rearview mirrors and turn assist. Users will have a choice of open-station (ROPS) or cab models., 877-GO-KIOTI

Rapid Detection

Nextteq now provides Gastec’s Sulfuryl Fluoride Detector Tube system, which allows you to rapidly measure airborne levels of the fumigant sulfuryl fluoride. The Gastec Detector Tube No. 231 is used with the No. 860 Pyrolyzer, which oxidizes the stable compound into a measurable gas and uses a pretreatment tube that allows sample measurements even when there may be background concentrations of other fumigation compounds, such as chloropicrin or MITC. The system measures airborne levels of sulfuryl fluoride between 1 and 20 ppm, which allows comparison of results to current OSHA and ACGIH occupational exposure limits. A negative test indicates the airborne value of sulfuryl fluoride is below the 0.4-ppm detecting limit of the tube. The system does not require field calibration or the use of calibration gas standards., 877-312-2333