Monitor Soil Moisture

Valley Irrigation now offers Valley SoilPro 1200, powered by AquaSpy. SoilPro 1200 delivers detailed soil moisture data in an easy-to-understand format. With just a few clicks, growers can see the depth of their crop rootzone, soil moisture levels by depth, soil electrical conductivity, temperature, and water penetration from rainfall and irrigation. Twelve sensors at 4-inch increments communicate with crop roots and collect in-depth data from the soil about how much water the crop needs and how much it has used. The information gathered by the sensors is analyzed and converted into simple, straightforward reports and recommendations delivered to growers via computer, tablet or cellphone., 402-359-2201

Spread Compost and More

Earth & Turf Products announced its Model 60SP, an economical, maneuverable, self-propelled topdresser that works well for spreading dry or wet compost, plus a variety of other materials. It features easy loading into its 6.7-cubic-foot hopper. The maximum load weight is 650 pounds. Optional loading chutes will increase the capacity for lighter materials, such as compost. A wide-spread beater produces an even spread pattern up to 42 inches wide. The 60SP is powered by a 190cc, 6.5 hp Briggs & Stratton engine., 888-693-2638

Grow More for Less

Eco-Lite Products introduced Max Grow Lights. The Max600 LED grow light uses 125 watts per unit and draws 0.87 amp per unit. It runs off 120 volts. The growing area for each Max600 is 16 square feet. No internal or external fans are required to keep the Max600 cool. Just one Max600 is needed for both flowering and growing. Plant health can be evaluated without removing the plants from under the light, because the light produced by the Max600 is similar to sunlight. The light has an aluminum housing with a standard white powder-coat finish. It measures 25 1/8 inches long, 15 1/8 inches wide and 6.5 inches tall., 800-345-9652