Greenhouse Cooling and Humidity Control

Senninger Irrigation released the Mister-Fogger, a solution for cooling and humidity control in greenhouses. The Mister-Fogger is a highly uniform emitter designed to operate at lower, energy-saving pressures and withstand environmental corrosion. With operating pressures ranging from 45 to 75 psi, the Mister-Fogger creates extremely fine droplets (65 microns in size at 60 psi) that quickly spread across a greenhouse and evaporate, resulting in increased humidity levels ideal for propagation. It works well for chemical applications, due to its uniform application pattern and consistent droplet size. A built-in check valve protects plants from leakage when the system is shut off and ensures the emitters turn on and off at exactly the same time. The Mister-Fogger is made out of engineering-grade, UV-resistant thermoplastics that protect it from corrosion. It is designed for simple, tool-free assembly and disassembly. Nozzles are removed with just a pinch of the ears., 407-877-5655

Monitor Employees in Real Time

Orange Enterprises has developed a user-friendly iPhone app that monitors individual and crew job efficiency and productivity in real time. Users add the iPhone (or Android) smart device to the PET Tiger (Payroll Employee Tracking) system, which exports existing data to the device. The new user logs in with a username and password to begin time and attendance tracking in the field. Self-explanatory buttons are displayed on the main menu. Time and attendance are quickly managed, along with productivity and equipment use. Records can be entered via touch screen or bar code scanning. The app also operates in crew mode, tracking the same time and attendance/productivity information for an entire crew at once. Data entry can be modified at any time throughout the day. Once the data is entered, it can be synced to the main server, making it available in the Windows version of PET Tiger. The application also keeps track of paid and unpaid breaks in a manner that complies with state and federal mandates., 559-229-2195