Don’t Be Hard on Your Water

Scalewatcher North America offers its computerized electronic water conditioner, Scalewatcher, in a range of units that will combat the effects of hard water in horticulture and agriculture.

Scalewatcher breaks the calcium barrier, which occurs naturally about an inch and a half below ground level. The calcium barrier prevents water penetrating deep into the soil and causes surface moisture to quickly evaporate, resulting in reduced plant growth and wasted water.

Scalewatcher lowers salt levels in soil, improves plant and crop growth, helps provide better wetting action, reduces irrigation water usage 20 to 30 percent, reduces effects of salt from well or seawater, stops scale/corrosion in water systems and more. In addition, Scalewatcher will inhibit algae growth, stop salt encrustation and save on fuel.

Scalewatcher is easy to install and requires no plumbing, maintenance or chemicals. The system emits an electronically applied force field, induced by a coil wrapped around the outside of the pipework, which keeps the minerals in suspension and thus prevents limescale forming. The unit can be attached to all types of pipework material, regardless of size.

Scalewatcher systems are capable of treating pipe sizes from 1 to 80 inches.

A New Grizzly in the Wild

Yamaha Motor Corp. has announced its all-new Grizzly 300 2WD utility ATV, the only model in its class with a fully automatic dual-range transmission.

The Grizzly 300 is powered by a 287cc, single overhead cam, four-stroke engine. Its liquid cooling provides precise temperature control and long engine life. At the center of its lightweight and durable chassis is a power plant with a 32 mm carburetor that delivers smooth power.

Features include a towing capacity of more than 720 pounds; carry capacity of more than 140 combined pounds on the ATV’s front and rear racks; separate hydraulic front and rear disc brakes; and 22-inch Maxxis tires.

Other features include more than 5 inches of ground clearance and a double wishbone front suspension system with 5.9 inches of travel and a rear swingarm with 6.5 inches of travel.

Also standard: a plush seat, push-button electronic start, water-resistant under-seat storage box and large front and rear fenders with full floorboards for mud/splash protection. Under- seat marine-grade electrical components ensure protection from the elements, and the 2.8- gallon fuel tank provides ample range.

TRUETRAC Expands Software Suite

TRUETRAC has released three new software products addressing item traceability, harvest integration and food safety: ItemTrac, HarvestTrac and AuditTrac.

HarvestTrac provides real-time visibility and control of complex harvesting operations, which then offers sales, distribution, cooler and production personnel access to real-time, harvest-related events.

AuditTrac enables collection and consolidation of all food safety and quality inspection data gathered from all areas of the operation.

ItemTrac makes it easy to identify individual consumer items and track produce from grower to consumer, enabling precision traceability and a quick and efficient response to food safety issues.