In celebration of the International Year of Soil 2015 (IYS), the Soil Science Society of America (SSSA) is coordinating a series of activities throughout to educate the public about the importance of soil. March’s theme is “Soils Support Agriculture.”

Here are a few facts about soils and agriculture:
1. Soils support agriculture by serving as the foundation of where we grow our food.
2. Virtually everything in our diets either directly or indirectly came from the soil.
3. The nutritious calcium found in broccoli is not only good for humans, but it was necessary for the broccoli plant to grow, too. Plants use calcium to help with cell division, and for getting other nutrients from the soil.
4. Some plants, like alfalfa, not only grow in the soil, but add nutrients back to the soil.

As part of their celebration of IYS, SSSA is developing a series of twelve 2-minute educational videos. March’s Soils Support Agriculture video can be viewed here. The American Society of Agronomy co-sponsored the video. Educational materials can be viewed here by clicking on the March tab.