Potrisers, the invisible pot feet for containers and statuary, is rolling out a campaign to support dealers this spring that includes over $2,500 in dealer giveaways, and a consumer ‘Stop the Stain Campaign’ to drive people to local garden centers for advice regarding deck and patio care.

The marketing drive by Potrisers is a reflection of the company’s on-going success as the #1 “invisible” pot feet now available in hundreds of independent garden centers, nurseries and pottery dealers throughout the USA. Potrisers make an ideal up-sell for consumers buying containers, pots or statuary, or for people looking for a great way to elevate garden products such as outdoor furniture. Easy to merchandize in clip-strips across a retail store, or in the container, pot or garden accessory aisles, Potrisers can help dealers to leverage additional margins for very little additional in-store shelf space.

The Spring dealer campaign includes:

1. Dealer Giveaways
• 10 cases of Potrisers “invisible” pot feet available free to dealers to sell in store for 100% profit; a risk-free trial opportunity with a total retail value of over $2,500. Giveaway valid until May 15.
• All dealers need to do is email Potrisers at emma@potrisers.com and state why they would like to stock Potrisers.
• The best 10 emails will each receive one case of the best-selling ‘Potrisers PR32’ that includes 12 packets of the 32-Value Packs and free freight.
• Each 32-Value Pack includes 32 Potrisers “invisible” pot feet, ideal for 8 – 10 smaller to medium pots, and a clip-strip for display purposes. The risers are 1” x1” x 1/2” in size.

2. Stop the Stain Campaign
The ‘Stop the Stain Campaign’ is designed to support dealers by encouraging consumers to consult their local garden center for advice regarding care for their patios, decks and others surfaces this season. The Potrisers website will also include straightforward hints and tips.
The consumer campaign is being disseminated via social media including their website, Facebook, Twitter and Google+. A targeted Facebook promotion will reach thousands of gardening Facebook users. A media outreach program will target garden & container bloggers, journalists across newspapers, magazines, online titles, radio and TV.

3. Dealer Call-to-Action
To help garden centers raise their profile across social media, Potrisers is inviting dealers to submit their own advice on care for patios, decks and surfaces which will be shared across the Potrisers social media including their website, Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus.

Key Dealer Features

1. Six SKUs – Potrisers come in six different SKUs that are simple to merchandise on clip-strips for easy hanging on the shelf with the containers and pots, or in the garden accessories aisle. The bulk products can be sold as individual risers in containers using the laminated sell-sign as provided by Potrisers – see www.potrisers.com for details.
Retail SKUs:
– The 16-Pack PR16 (16 risers 1″ x 1″ x 1/2″)
– The 32-Pack PR32 (32 risers 1″ x 1″ x 1/2″)
– The 6-Pack PR2-6 (6 risers 2″ x 2″ x 3/4″)
Bulk SKUs:
– 100 Bulk Pack PRB2100 (100 risers 2″ x 2″ x 3/4″)
– 300 Bulk Pack PRB1300 (300 risers 1″x 1″ x 1/2″)
– 500 Bulk Pack PRB1500 (500 risers 1″x 1″ x 1/2″)
2. Made from 100% recycled vulcanized materials, they are the eco-friendly, low cost and a low profile alternative to other pot feet on the market.
3. Each Potriser is precision cut using a CNC Ultrasonic Cutting Machine with surgical sharpened Carbide blades to ensure uniformity.
4. Most dealer orders qualify for FREE freight.
5. Potrisers can be used for both indoor and outdoor use, so merchandising in both garden and indoor aisles can double the sales opportunity.
6. Potrisers commits to fulfilling most customer orders within 48 hours.
7. Potriser products come with a lifetime guarantee.
8. Made in the USA and Canada.
9. Vulcanized rubber material grips surfaces while providing cushioning on hard or uneven surfaces such as wood, concrete, aggregate, compacted materials or stone.
10. Potrisers are not recommended for use on vinyl or vinyl composite surfaces that are also prone to be marked by other rubber products.