Superior Manufacturing introduced heavy bins to its lineup of grain storage, handling and conditioning systems. The new bins have the same roofs, floors and unload systems as Superior farm bins, but the heavy bins’ sidewalls are formed with thicker steel for added strength. Heavy bins range from 15 to 48 feet in diameter and heights reach 4 to 7 rings tall.

The thicker steel sidewalls on Superior heavy bins provide the strength needed to withstand the added stress of use as working bins, which are generally loaded and unloaded at least 10 times per year. Superior designed its heavy bins for use as wet holding bins. The new bins accommodate the extra weight of grain-stirring devices and withstand the strong push and pull forces on the bin sidewall as the auger pulls wet grains up for faster drying.

Superior roofs contribute to the overall strength of the heavy bins. The roofs can handle 8,000 pounds, including ground snow loads of 40 pounds per square foot. They withstand wind gusts as high as 90 miles per hour. Heavy bin unloads feature a 9-inch under-bin auger inside an 11-inch U-Trough. A 7-inch power sweep equipped with a 16-to-1 gear reduction wheel pushes grain into the sumps. The U-Trough design allows the grain to free flow over the auger. This process achieves unloading speeds as fast as 6,000 bushels per hour without damaging grain.

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