The Total Field solution allows users to record detailed information on labor and product origin during harvest. Recall product to the pallet, case or clamshell level.

Farm Works Software

Connected Farm provides wireless data transfer between the field and farm office, including planned/completed jobs, application maps, yield maps and more.

Omega Engineering

The OM-MICROLITE is a small data logger for monitoring and recording temperature. Data can be downloaded automatically to the MICROLABLITE software.

Orange Enterprises

PET Tiger is a mobile payroll data collection product that accurately records hourly or piece rate, job and crop cost information down to the field and piece of equipment.

Red Wing Software

CenterPoint Payroll efficiently manages payroll processing with time-saving features such as electronic tax filing, direct deposit and customizable reports.

Shur Farms

Cold Air Drains are targeted, sustainable frost protection, available in various size and power options. Computerized Frost Analysis is available at no charge.

Spectrum Technologies is a Web access service that enables growers to view current weather conditions from all WatchDog 2000 weather stations.


LabelTrac provides a field-ready, turnkey system for growers to print and apply a Produce Traceability Initiative-compliant label to every carton of field-packed produce.

Unisun Software

Envio Produce Software automates all activities from supplier receipts to grower settlements and full inventory management. With full GTIN traceability.

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