Orange Enterprises

PET Tiger is a mobile payroll data collection product that accurately records hourly or piece rate, job and crop cost information down to the field and piece of equipment. Most data is entered via an electronic scanning device, with just a few scans of a bar code or RFID tag. Field personnel learn the scanning procedures easily. Scan in an entire crew at once; enter other employees as individuals. Defaults are maintained to minimize the number of scans necessary.

Red Wing Software

CenterPoint Accounting for Agriculture offers a suite of ag-specific financial analysis tools that help producers make smart business decisions. The software offers time-saving features and customizable reporting tools. Users who want in-depth financial analysis have unlimited ability to structure and segment entire operations, profit centers, accounts and inventories to track data, combine entities and receive the most relevant reporting available today. Set up a user interface to show only those menu selections you use most often in a Quick List.

Shur Farms Frost Protection

The Shur Farms Cold Air Drain is powerful frost protection that removes cold air by sending it up to 300 feet. The state-of-the-art propeller and wind tunnel design make the unit extremely effective. The Cold Air Drain is also cost-effective, requiring little site prep, low fuel usage and minimal maintenance. It comes in three sizes with various power options for targeted frost protection. It features an all-steel, freestanding base and precision-engineered tower supports designed to reduce movement and vibration in the tower.


LabelTrac provides a field-ready, turnkey system for growers to print and apply a Produce Traceability Initiative-compliant label to every carton of field-packed produce. The LabelTrac system utilizes GS1 standards to identify agricultural products in the field at their point of origin. It features precision label printing, inventory integration with HarvestTrac, centralized administration, secure data network and real-time information. The system can accommodate switching fields, locations, commodities, pack styles or sizes as needed.