Crop Data & Management Systems

ADVISOR combines best practices with the complexities of crop inputs and the dynamics of food company and consumer requirements in a single agronomic system. It includes mapping, planting, sampling, scouting, nutrition, irrigation, crop protection and planning, and it interfaces to your other required data sources.

CropCare Equipment

CropCare seeks to offer the latest on sprayer technology. Options include electric automatic rate control and GPS speed sensors and guidance systems. 


The battery-powered JobClock System lets you track attendance for every worker and field site. PocketClock/GPS is a time clock for crews on the move.

Intelleflex and Minds, Inc.

RFID-enabled telematics solution for the automated tracking of harvesting operations. Uses GPS, RFID and wireless communication technologies.

New Holland

IntelliView Plus II monitor for on-the-go data management. Monitors machine functions and provides the interface for the IntelliSteer auto-steering system.

Orange Enterprises, Inc.

P.E.T. Tiger collects hours and piece rate payroll information using scannable tags worn by employees. Data transmitted to office computer for analysis.


Irrigation Manager for water and nutrient monitoring and management services. Service includes hardware, software, tools and ongoing support.

Red Wing Software

Manage finances with Center-Point Accounting Software for Agriculture, a tool for measuring and managing profitability and operation efficiency.


Full-service solar energy and solar thermal installations, including design, installation, service and repair of solar energy systems.


Farming MIS software for effective management decisions, from food safety and quality management to irrigation, yield forecasting and harvest.

Topcon Precision Ag

System 110 is a complete lightbar guidance system with automatic coverage mapping, simple on-screen setup and a detachable lightbar for optimum viewing.