Aim High

Gehl Co. introduced the V270, a skid loader with an 84 hp, turbocharged Yanmar engine and a rated operating capacity of 2,700 pounds. It offers more than 130 inches of near-vertical lift height, and the lift arm design allows for views to the sides of the loader and a direct line of sight to the bucket cutting edge. Equipped with an electronic engine control and a foot throttle, you can operate this loader at part throttle for lower sound levels and reduced fuel consumption. The cab has a new ergonomic design, while an optional pressurized, sealed cab enclosure provides a quieter operating environment. A 36.9 GPM, high-flow auxiliary hydraulics option handles virtually every high-performance attachment.

A Sensitive HOBO

Onset Computer Corp. has released the HOBOnode Series, a family of research-grade, wireless sensors for outdoor environmental monitoring. The sensors can transmit highly accurate air temperature and soil moisture data to a PC several miles away without cables. The accompanying software displays real-time graphs of environmental conditions, and can provide alarm notifications via text messaging and e-mail when conditions exceed set thresholds. These sensors also feature integrated, solar-rechargeable batteries so they can run for years without battery replacement. Depending on the number of data points required, up to 50 sensors can be used in a network. They have a 1,400-foot line-of-sight transmission range, which can be extended to several miles with optional HOBOnode repeaters.

Reach for the Sky

Manitou North America announced the introduction of MHT 860, the newest of its heavy telescopic range. The MHT 860 offers a 13,200-pound maximum capacity; capacity at its maximum lift height of 26 feet 6 inches is 7,700 pounds; capacity at its maximum forward reach of 15 feet 10 inches is 3,900 pounds.

The MHT 860 is powered by a 144 hp Tier III Perkins turbodiesel engine and features a two-speed hydrostatic transmission and 23,600 foot-pounds of drawbar pull. Standard features include the new fully enclosed Evolution ROPS/FOPS-certified cab with heater/defroster and air conditioner; a high-output, load-sensing hydraulic system; and the new JSM (joystick switch and move) joystick.

A wide range of attachments is available for the MHT 860.

Two Spreaders in One

Stoltzfus Spreaders’ Redhawk lime and fertilizer spreaders are available in 5 and 8-ton capacities for field usage. They couple a 24-inch, slat-style drag chain for heavy lime applications with the ability to spread fertilizer down to 125 pounds per acre with ground-drive accuracy. Standard features include corrosion-resistant CorTen steel hopper, poly floor, fertilizer kit, walking beam suspension, hinged center divider for one-sided headland spreading, and a redesigned double-contact press wheel for increased load breakout power for packed damp lime. The Redhawk spreader is also available in a narrow 4-ton version for orchard and vineyard use. Options include banding deflectors and limb guards.

How Sweet it Is!

The new Hanna HI 96801 digital refractometer is a portable, water-resistant device for testing sugar in most agricultural applications. This optical instrument uses the refractive index to display sugar content; to measure, place a few sample drops in the well and press the READ key. Within seconds the instrument measures the refractive index of the sample and converts it to percent Brix concentration units. Temperature is also shown on the dual-level display along with other helpful message codes.

The Vineyard Special

Earth & Turf Products’ Model 320 Vineyard Special topdresser spreader has a slimmed-down frame and axle assembly for working in vineyards, orchards and row crops with narrow rows. It measures 45 inches at its widest point and will carry up to 2 cubic yards of material, with a maximum load weight of 3,000 pounds. This unit also features a specially designed side-to-side spread beater that distributes material only to the left and right as the unit is pulled between rows. Maximum spread width is 72 inches. An optional beater attachment assures an even spread of material across the rows. The beater and apron belt are driven by tractor hydraulics for maximum spreading flexibility.