Three Point Threat

Harris Mfg. introduces its new Titan 3 Point Plus, designed to complement the existing line of Wonder Weeder weed management tools. The Titan 3 Point Plus can be switched to multiple tractors by simply removing four mounting bolts and reattaching it to the next tractor via a new mounting bracket.

It is instantly convertible with the removal of one pin, which allows the three-point arms to swing vertical and the ball hitch to rotate into position.

It features four pivot points that are all greaseable (two with replaceable bronze bushings); automatic float control with both power up and power down; heat-treated materials used throughout; a lift capacity of 3,000 pounds; and standard category II mounting pins.

Four on the Floor

The new Antonio Carraro Mach 4 tractor features an 87 hp, fourcylinder turbodiesel engine; balance shafts with injection system; and electronically governed EGR. The Mach 4 is an articulated reversible quad track approved for road speeds of up to 24.85 mph and can be fitted with an air-conditioned/heated cab.

The four alternate grip rubber tracks improve stability on steep slopes and provide continuous traction on slippery, crumbly ground and on snow; the four independent tracks move forward in synergy, minimizing ground height differences.

Other features include the ACTIO chassis, Rev-Guide System RGS (the AC reversing system on a revolving tower), a JPM Joystick (proportional multifunction) located in the operator seat armrest and much more.

Keep Your Eye on Your Produce

Lowry Computer Products, Inc.’s Secure Visibility Track & Trace is built around GS1 BarCode and EPCglobal RFID standards for inventory management. Tailored for each operation and built on a Microsoft platform, the system integrated Motorola hand-held mobile computers (barcode and RFID) and Zebra Technologies mobile printing solutions. It is a Web-based system that allows users to manage perishable products as they are moved, stored and individually packaged for retail distribution.

Shipping and receiving reports display inventory information in real time, and dwell times in and out of cold storage are quickly calculated and displayed.

Minimize Peanut Loss

Amadas Industries introduces its new Pull-Type Peanut Digger/Inverter. Belt and rod conveyors eliminate bending bars and chain breakage. Round conveyor rods made of high-boron steel and combined with the open design, aid in the extraction of dirt and rocks from the crop. Long, flat conveyors coupled with the shaker-idler provide better agitation for excellent dirt extraction and reduce rollback. The “soft-disc” inversion system provides positive, controlled inversion while continuing to remove additional dirt and foreign material from the crop. The all-hydraulic drive system eliminates the PTO driveline and provides infinite speed control, along with automatic jam-up protection. A conveyor speed indicator in the cab allows the operator to easily match the tractor ground speed to the speed of the conveyors, reducing digging losses.

Available in eight and 12-row configurations.