Hands-Free Control

Weathermatic introduces the SLRC, a wireless hand-held remote for SmartLine controllers that works with models SL800, SL1600 and SL4800 (firmware version 1.08 or later) and utilizes the same communications hub as other components in the SmartLine system, such as the SLW15 weather sensor.

When a SmartLine wireless network communications hub is already in place, the SLRC can immediately interface with the controller, saving the expense of installing a separate receiver. The SLRC operates within a 1,000-foot line of sight and accesses up to 48 stations instantly.

It includes a valve locator feature that helps pinpoint buried valves, and it has real-time communication with SmartLine controllers to confirm commands and zone counts.

The unit measures 2 inches by 3 inches and has an LCD screen that displays zone number, RF signal indicator and hourglass icon for zone run time.

Just a Little Light

Larson Electronics introduces its new Magnalight with dimmable LED spotlight. Drawing less than 1 amp on 12 volts and .5 amp on 24 volts, the HL-85-10W1-D LED spotlight offers a pistol grip, hand-held style and an in-line PMW for dimming the LED light output.

It also features a magnetic base, 16-foot detachable coil cord and cigarette plug. The spotlight operates on 9 to 42 volts DC.

Easy End-of-Season Cleanup

Valley Tool & Mfg. Co., parent company of Vrisimo Equipment and RockHound Attachments, introduces its new Pulverizer LT crop mower, designed to mow crops and cover crops efficiently. This mower comes standard with internal wear liners, re-cutter bar, electronically balanced cutter drum and hydraulic height adjustment. Available options include dual-drive and 1,000-RPM gearbox. Available in sizes 7 to 15 feet wide in tow-hitch or three-point configuration.


Manage Billing and Inventory

Red Wing Software, Inc. announces the addition of AR and inventory modules to CenterPoint Accounting for Agriculture. These modules offer billing and real-time inventory management.

Producers will find enhanced, detailed billing statements, the ability to calculate sales tax and sales commissions, and as in-depth reporting capabilities within the AR module to effectively manage and monitor receivables.

The new release also offers an inventory module that delivers a wide range of tools to assess the value of inventory and various farm commodities to improve profitability. Producers are able to maintain an unlimited number of prices or price calculations for each item and receive real-time inventory updates. Accurate GL account assignments guarantee all GL balances and inventory valuation reports match.

The AR and inventory modules are available for purchase as additional options for CenterPoint.