Farmhouse Kitchen Styles – Find Which One Suits You Best

Although we live in the modern age, it often happens that we want to escape to some oases of peace and nature. It’s even nicer if you own a real estate in nature – like a farmhouse. However, such houses must be maintained regularly, even if you do not visit them often. They take us back to past times and make us sentimental. But, of course, to have a farmhouse does not mean to lack in the achievements of civilization. On the contrary. Such a house can have all the modern elements, and yet not distort the image of nature in which it is located.

Maintaining Your Farmhouse Kitchen

Of course, when it comes to maintenance – most often it refers to kitchens. Why? Well, kitchens have become a gathering place for family, and often friends. These are the warm cosy places where we have fun while we cook, drink coffee with a neighbour, or just enjoy an afternoon tea. Therefore, bass kitchens are somehow the first to be renovated. And maybe you just want to change the look of your kitchen? Among the many stylish solutions, we have created several for you.

Style Speaks About You


The style we choose to decorate our living space involves searching for the one style that will meet all our needs when it comes to lifestyle habits. Today, much more care is taken of how kitchens look, how they will be tidied up, and laid on their final appearance. When it comes to the living room, the bedroom, the hallway, why not fantasize and make the kitchen as beautiful as possible for our home? Moreover, it is welcome to think about it. As some have not yet settled their housing issue, a kitchen story can be a great opportunity to think about which style would suit them best in their future home.

Modern Style

Although the word modern can mean a lot, the modern style is very popular when it comes to decorating the kitchen. The modern kitchen is devoid of all the exaggerated details, and the focus is on the materials used during its design.

The point of such kitchens is to minimize clutter, and they usually have large worktops. What is most visible, are stainless steel home appliances. If you want to make an impression, a modern kitchen should be your choice. Keep it simple with clear, straight lines on cabinets. As for the colour palette, stick to black and white or choose some vibrant colour to use throughout the space.

Rustic Kitchen


Style opposite to modern. The first thing we associate with the word rustic is wood. Lots of wood. Indeed, you can see the wood in a rustic kitchen: wooden beams, floors, wooden worktops, tables, chairs… Therefore, this style of kitchen implies a lot of wood surface, and the kitchen decorated with this style seems warm, comfortable. That is why it is very beloved and therefore topical. It is handy for nostalgics who are fond of remembering times past.

Asian Style Kitchens

If you are looking for a style that brings harmony and balance to your kitchen, opt for a quiet Asian style. Natural elements, such as bamboo flooring and stone worktops, are combined with clear architectural lines. Keep the colour palette simple and bright, and kitchen appliances blend in with the overall design. Authentic Asian details, such as artwork and paper chandeliers, will provide the perfect elements to complement the new look of your kitchen.

Countryside Kitchen


Relaxed and cosy cuisine reminiscent of a rural, almost farm-like atmosphere. A style we’ve often seen in movies. Clear vibrant colours, old furniture, layered materials, floral patterns on the curtains are some of the features of this style. Stacking different elements here does not necessarily require stacking either in style or colour.

The kitchens designed in this way aim at family gatherings and welcoming friends. From details, we can often spot bottles, baskets, bins. Rural landscaping loves the details, but everything seems quite optional, which is a burden. Of course, a kitchen like this would not be complete without a farm sink.

The classic look of farmhouse sinks today is a major trend for kitchens, no matter what style your kitchen is designed for. These sinks are large, beautiful and blend seamlessly into any look, whether it is classic, retro, French or industrial style.

You can find these beautifully styled kitchen sinks in a wide variety of materials and colours and learn more about them at americangr, so it’s almost impossible not to find one that suits your kitchen design and taste.

Mediterranean Kitchen Style

Mediterranean kitchen is lively but combined with old texture and warmth. The style is characterized by architectural details such as arches, and the colour palette is made of yellow, the colour of grain, and orange and red. A large family table is a must for gatherings, so take care when arranging the food preparation area and the seating area. Add Old World colour and character to the walls, and use vintage handles on worn-out cabinet doors.

Industrial Style

Popular when it comes to decorating any interior and any room. Visually charming, but hardly creates a sense of warmth. Because it originated as a commercial style of decorating kitchens in restaurants or decorating abandoned or large buildings, it often seems quite cold. Black, grey, white, open shelves, visible bricks are some of the features of the industrial style, so it generally looks unfinished.

The Kitchen Decorated In A Minimalistic Style


A well-known saying explaining minimalism: “Less is more” is also working for the kitchen design. The kitchen is neutral, reduced and without many kitchen elements. So there is plenty of free space in a kitchen like this. There is no overcrowding. To achieve a minimalistic look in the kitchen, very simple materials and objects are used, and space is deprived of all unnecessary details. In this kitchen, everything seems very light.

Scandinavian Style

As much reminiscent of minimalism, the Scandinavian style is something like a more cheerful version of minimalist. Consequently, compared to the minimalist, the Scandinavian style is also warmer. It is recognizable for its clean lines and natural materials that it reaches for, and the whiteness of the walls, which mostly adorns homes decorated in this style, further illuminates the space. This style is welcomed in a small square kitchen as it makes space appear larger.

The furniture to choose from is a combination of white and wood, but it is possible to introduce more vibrant tones. The primary features of this kitchen are simplicity and functionality.