L.T. Berry Harvester

BEI’s L.T. or Light TraX self-propelled berry harvester is the little brother to the larger Berry TraX harvester. L.T. uses a track rather than wheels to propel the harvester through the field, meaning less ground compaction and the ability to go where most other machines cannot. The harvesting system uses a sway-type picking system, 9-inch bucket conveyors and horn-style blowers. There is plenty of on-board lug storage, both on the sides and on the upper platform. The conventional steering wheel and forward/reverse lever means just about anyone can learn to drive it with little training. This machine weighs 8,000 pounds and has a 12-inch hydraulic lift for varying field conditions.

Organic Inoculant

Vermitechnology Unlimited’s VermaPlex is an organic microbial soil inoculant designed to enhance plant growth and increase flowering and fruit production. It is rich in amino acids derived from humic acid and plant extracts. This includes sea kelp, a significant source of auxins, cytokines and natural hormones. Use as a root dip, foliar spray or drench.

Medium-Duty Workhorses

Montana’s P-Series of tractors features four-wheel drive models with 72 to 88 hp engines. All models are powered by a turbocharged, four-cylinder, diesel Iveco engine. A synchronized gearbox with creeper gear and 20 forward and 20 reverse gears is standard. As an added option, a tractor can be equipped with a power shuttle gearbox featuring 24 forward and 24 reverse gears. All models come complete with three remote hydraulic valves and built-in draft sensing that lets the tractor adjust to the load.

Portable Reeling

Reelcraft’s Side Mount Cart offers another means of portable reeling. It has a square, tubular steel frame with a baked-on powder-coat finish; a zinc-plated, .5-inch steel axle; and 8-inch, semi-pneumatic tires. Use it with Reelcraft’s 6 and 12-inch 30,000 Series reels.

Get on the Data Shuttle

Onset Computer Corp.’s HOBO U30 Shuttle is a new data-retrieval device for use with Onset HOBO U30/NRC Remote Monitoring Systems. The Shuttle lets users offload data from HOBO U30/NRC systems in the field and safely transport the data back to a computer for analysis. Key system features include an LCD display that provides current sensor readings, battery and logger status; large memory capable of storing data from multiple data loggers; and direct USB connection to host computer for fast data offload.

Eye Spy an Optic Sensor

Thomas Bros. Equipment Sales, Inc. is the exclusive dealer for the Eye Spy, a timed optic spray switch. The industrial-grade optic sensor sees out to 20 feet and activates an adjustable, solid-state timed switch that cycles your 12-volt DC sprayer valve on and off. It shuts on and off between small trees. Use multiple units or zones to profile trees. The optic sensor is tested to 5 million cycles.

A Little Green Giant

High Mowing Organic Seeds introduces its newest variety, the Picolino F1 hybrid “mini” English cucumber. These burpless cukes offer sweet flavor, crispy texture and convenient size for harvesting and storage, best picked at 4 to 5 inches in length. Skin is medium green, thin and never bitter. Prolific plants are parthenocarpic, allowing for fruit set without pollination, and do well in greenhouse and field. They also offer good virus resistance.

Quick Hook-Up Kit

The DosaCart Quick Hook-Up Kit, from Dosatron International, Inc. is designed to simplify fertilizer injector installation for DosaCart users in the horticulture market. This kit contains everything necessary to connect a D14, 14 GPM injector to the portable chemical dispensing system, including a 200 mesh filter, check valve, hoses and connections. The kit also features a low, garden hose hook-up design to help balance the cart and avoid tipping.

Pro Growing Software

Farm Works Software has introduced Pro, which provides critical analysis tools for multiyear yield averaging or normalizing, profit/loss mapping and entering formulas when creating prescription maps for variable rate application. When normalizing yield data, multiple years can be averaged to discover consistently high and low-yielding areas. Users can select any combination of crop and/or year, excluding abnormal years, in order to visualize history zones in each field. The profit/loss mapping creates a layer for each crop enterprise year and integrates financial information with precision maps.

Costs can be manually entered for each input with the Trac and Site office software, programs that offer field records and mapping/GIS. When the Funds module, an integrated grower-level accounting program, is used with Pro, input costs from the checkbook will flow into the profit/loss map, offering increased financial accuracy with less work.

Straight from the Greenhouse

Moser Fruit Tree Sales, Inc. is now offering greenhouse-grown fruit trees. These trees are comparable in quality and size to conventionally grown trees, and greenhouse production allows for late ordering, faster delivery and smaller minimum orders. Moser can utilize grower-supplied dormant budwood or use budwood from the company’s new scion block. Moser started planting its own scionwood orchard of antique, heirloom and unusual apple varieties, and that scionwood is available for custom and small orders.

Super Solo Tunnel

Haygrove, Inc.’s Super Solo single-bay tunnel is a taller, stronger version of the popular Solo tunnel. The Super Solo’s hoop profile provides the same tractor access and 9-foot-high venting as the company’s standard size, multibay tunnels. The hoops are made with 12-gauge, high-strength steel and feature horizontal struts that can support the weight of trellised crops. This tunnel’s extra height makes it great for raspberries and blackberries. It measures 25 feet by 200 feet and comes with 12-foot-wide roll-up doors and Luminance THB poly, which diffuses sunlight and reduces infrared.

All Haygrove tunnels are sold as complete units.

New Blades Cut Through the Cold

Bobcat Co. has introduced a line of heavy-duty snow blades approved for use on the company’s S130 to S330 skid steer loaders, T140 to T320 compact track loaders, V417 VersaHandler telescopic tool carrier, A300 all-wheel steer loader and Toolcat utility work machines. The snow blades are available in 86, 96 and 108-inch models. Each one angles 30 degrees to the left and right via a fingertip control in the cab. The blades also feature a torsion spring trip edge and a box-style mainframe. Optional features include rubber or polyurethane cutting edges and end-wing kits. End-wing kits allow the snow blade to also be used as a snow pusher.

High Tunnel Vision

FarmTek’s ClearSpan high tunnels are available in 24 and 28-foot widths and multiple lengths. Multiple bays can be connected, and end panels with a roll-up door let you seal the tunnel during the cold months for early production.

All-Terrain Plow Mounts

Agri-Cover, Inc. has released three new front mounts for its Snowsport All-Terrain Plow. The following ATV models are now compatible with the plow: 2008 Arctic Cat 1000 Thundercat, 2008-09 Honda Rancher 420 and 2009 Polaris Sportsman XP 550 and 850. The plow blade is manufactured from corrosion-resistant, hardened, anodized aluminum and is equipped with a 1-inch-thick rubber cutting edge designed to aggressively plow hard, compacted snow. The system does not require any wiring, lever controls or winch to operate.

EasyOff Basket

The Bag-A-Nut is now available with a removablebasket. Use a Bag-A-Nut to harvest your nuts, and then pour them on a table, in a barrel or the back of your truck. This new feature allows more flexibility when emptying your basket.

Compact Dump-Pro

Standard Hamilton Co. has released the Compact Dump-Pro unit that converts smaller trucks with 6-foot beds to dump trucks. It can also be used to put a smaller dump unit on a full-size pickup. This dump insert weighs 282 pounds and features a steel-reinforced, industrial-weight, nonrusting polyethylene dump body and winch-driven drive system that doesn’t require hydraulics to operate. It is rated to haul 3,000 pounds and has a dumping capacity of 2,700 pounds. The basic unit handles 1.1 cubic yards of material or 3 yards with the Hi-Sides option. When the job is done, release the clamping system, disconnect the power, remove a single bolt and slide the unit out.

Midsized Powerhouse Tractors

John Deere’s 6D tractor series encompasses four models: the 6100D, 6115D, 6130D and 6140D. Engines range from 100 to 140 hp, and PTOs range from 82 to 115 hp. The top three models are powered by a PowerTech E diesel engine with a high-pressure common rail injection system. The 6100D has a fuel-efficient 100hp PowerTech engine with rotary fuel injection pump. The all-new 9F/9R electrohydraulic PowrReverser transmission is standard equipment. Once the operator sets the range and gear, a left-hand reverser lever is used to move the tractor forward or in reverse without clutching. Other features include a telescopic/tilt steering wheel and a high-capacity air conditioning/heating system. Each tractor’s PTO system offers two speeds—540 and 1,000 RPM—to handle any implement in your operation. Available in two-wheel drive or mechanical front-wheel drive configurations.


Super Solo Tunnel

Haygrove, Inc.’s Super Solo single bay tunnel is a taller, stronger version of the popular Solo tunnel. The Super Solo’s hoop profile provides the same tractor access and 9-foot high venting as the company’s standard size, multi-bay tunnels. The hoops are made with 12-gauge, high-strength steel and feature horizontal struts that can support the weight of trellised crops. This tunnel’s extra height makes it a great for raspberries and blackberries. It measures 25 feet by 200 feet and comes with 12-foot-wide roll-up doors and Luminance THB poly, which diffuses sunlight and reduces infrared.

All Haygrove tunnels are sold as complete units.


The Vineyard Special

Earth & Turf Products’ Model 320 Vineyard Special topdresser spreader has a slimmed-down frame and axle assembly for working in vineyards, orchards and row crops with narrow rows. It measures 45 inches at its widest point and will carry up to 2 cubic yards of material, with a maximum load weight of 3,000 pounds. This unit also features a specially designed side-to-side spread beater that distributes material only to the left and right as the unit is pulled between rows. Maximum spread width is 72 inches. An optional beater attachment assures an even spread of material across the rows. The beater and apron belt are driven by tractor hydraulics for maximum spreading flexibility.


Herbivore Protection

The Kencove Electric Net from Kencove Farm Fence protects your crops from four-legged pests. Install the fence with the built-in step-in posts and electrify to keep animals out. Choose from 3.5 to 7-inch spacing and up to 48-inch heights. Semi-rigid vertical lines stabilize the netting to prevent sagging.


Natural Control

Marrone Organic Innovations, Inc. is now offering Regalia SC for controlling both fungal and bacterial disease in a range of fruit, ornamental and vegetable crops. It prevents disease by switching on the plant’s own natural defense mechanisms, causing it to produce and accumulate higher levels of natural proteins and other compounds that inhibit disease development. This EPA-registered product is an extract of giant knotweed that can be used to control powdery mildew, rusts, gray mold and other crop diseases.


Handheld Recordkeeping

FarmLogic, a new software-hardware product from TapLogic, is designed to relieve the tedium of recordkeeping. There is no software to load onto a computer; users log on to FarmLogic’s Web site to enter information and set up their farm. Once the setup process is complete, the handheld computer is shipped to the grower with personalized farm information preloaded. The grower then takes the handheld into the field and enters data. At the end of the day, it automatically syncs with the nearest wireless network to update info on the Web site. With farm data stored, it generates field, crop and spray reports and stores and transmits precision ag data. All data is backed up and the software is regularly updated with the most current version and add-ons.

The handheld has an 806Mhz microprocessor, 128 MB of memory and touch screen technology with a 3.5-inch display.


The Power of Soy

NaEx Corp’s SOYAPLEX is an all-natural fertilizer for use on food and non-food crops. Made from non-GMO, food-grade soybeans, it is approved for organic crop production. The 8-1-2 formula provides an array of vitamins and minerals plus 15 amino acids. This product is a slow-release and non-leaching fertilizer, allowing for lower per acre application rates. In addition to providing ingredients for plant health, growth and production, it also stimulates microbial activity and improves the soil ecosystem. Available in a small granular format and a water-soluble powder for foliar applications.


A System for Precision

Topcon’s System 150 is a complete auto steering system for growers practicing precision agriculture. System components include the GX-45 control console and AGI-3 receiver. The console provides visual indicators, such as area applied, speed, row number and satellite information, along with a USB port for transferring field data. The AGI-3 receives signals from multiple satellite constellations, GPS, GLONASS and Galileo. When combined, these two units provide a range of automatic guidance patterns and accuracy options for in-field precision. On-screen visual aids, including coverage maps, give job information for application accuracy. The boundary-mapping feature creates an outline of fields that can be used for any application job performed. With the optional Automatic Section Control, the system can control up to ten sprayer sections as the operator crosses previously applied areas.


Compact Power

At the heart of KIOTI’s new compact tractor, the DK75, is a 75 hp, 268.5-cubic-inch, turbo-charged diesel engine mounted to a fully synchronized transmission with 12 gears. This tractor has a fully enclosed cab with air conditioning and/or heat and an optional radio/CD player. Standard features include push-button four-wheel drive, single-lever joystick, forward-facing hydraulic couplers, rear differential lock, rear PTO and wet disc brakes. A Category II, three-point hitch with stabilizers and telescoping ends is also standard.


The B-Series

Kubota has introduced four new models to its B Series compact utility tractor line. The B2320, B2620, B2920 and the B3200 tractors. The B3200 leads the pack with a four-cylinder, 23 hp PTO, Kubota diesel engine. The B2320, B2620 and B2920 come equipped with three-cylinder, liquid-cooled, Kubota diesel engines. The three-range shift on the hydrostatic transmission lets operators find the right speed to suit their task. Maximum traveling speed ranges from 11.2 to 12.3 mph, depending on model.

All models in the series are equipped with a variety of safety features: multi-reflective headlights for better visibility, backlit dash panel for tracking vital functions and a slanted metal hood that offers a clear view of front loader operations. A foldable rollover protection structure is standard. The B2320, B2620 and B2920 tractors are performance-matched with the LA304/364 front loaders and BH65 backhoe. The B3200 is performance-matched with the LA504 front loader and BH76 backhoe.


The Latest Boomer

The 28 hp T1110 is New Holland’s latest addition to the Boomer compact tractor line. The T1110 has a two-range hydrostatic transmission with two separate direction pedals. The three-point hitch lift capacity is 1,000 pounds at 24 inches behind the link ends. This tractor comes with a foldable ROPS that allows you to work under low overhangs. The optional Sensitrak automatically engages or disengages front-wheel drive for better fuel efficiency, increased pulling power and reduced turf damage. For attachments, the mid PTO is rated at 2,200 RPM, and the rear PTO is rated at 540 RPM. Optional attachments include a loader, snowblower, rotary broom, front blade, mower and tiller.


On the Prowl in the Field

Case IH’s 2009 Puma Series tractors now includes the Puma 225 with 195 hp PTO. Powered by the 6.75L Case IH diesel engine, this tractor is focused on fuel efficiency and rated for up to 100 percent biodiesel blend. The Continuously Variable Transmission is designed to be efficient, whether at creep or road speeds, and the DieselSaver Auto Productivity Management system that allows you select the desired engine and ground speed based on the specific application and time available. The AFS AccuGuide Ready option offers a Pro 600 color display to manage auto-guidance capabilities.


Loosening Up

The new DC 301 and DC 401 integral sub-soilers/soil looseners are for use with 10 and 13-foot Kuhn EL power tillers and HR power harrows. The DC units mount between the tractor and PTO-driven tillage tool to fracture and loosen soil and hard pans, combining two tillage passes in one. The DC 301 can be fitted with four or six legs, and the DC 401 can be fitted with either six or eight. Each leg is then equipped with either 11 or 18-inch sweeps that lift, fracture and drop the soil. Use of the DC with an HR power harrow replaces the need for primary tillage in many soil types. The DC Series features shear-bolt safety leg protection with a bushed pivot shaft. The heavy-duty frame can in turn be fitted with integral planters and drills, allowing all tillage and planting functions to be incorporated in one pass of the field.



Palintest USA has released ChloroSense, a portable monitor that measures free and total chlorine concentrations and temperature. It conducts tests with disposable sensors and, once the sample is collected and inserted into the instrument, the test becomes automated and provides results in less than one minute. The monitor records and stores all results, and the data can be reviewed on the unit’s display or exported to a PC via a waterproof USB port. The wide testing ranges, from 0 to 10 mg/l to 0 to100 mg/l, making it ideal for use in boot dips, drip lines, misting lines or wherever chlorination is used in produce harvesting.


Quick Hook-up Kit

The DosaCart Quick Hook-up Kit, from Dosatron International, Inc. is designed to simplify fertilizer injector installation for DosaCart users in the horticulture market. This kit contains everything necessary to connect a D14, 14 GPM injector to the portable chemical dispensing system, including a 200 mesh filter, check valve, hoses and connections. The kit also features a low, garden hose hook-up design to help balance the cart and avoid tip-over.


Natural Crop Companion

Companion Liquid Biological Fungicide has been granted a new EPA registration with expanded uses on all agricultural food crops. Manufactured by Growth Products, this product prevents, controls and suppresses a broad range of root and foliar diseases, such as root rot, blight, wilt, bottom and stem rot, bacterial leaf spot, gunny stem blight and powdery mildew. Companion’s GB03 strain of Bacillus subtilis produces a broad-spectrum antibiotic that disrupts pathogen cell-wall formation. It also activates a plant’s natural immune system to fight diseases. It can be used on all field-grown food crops and can be applied up to and including the day of harvest.


GPS Precision Irrigation

For those practicing precision agriculture, Valley Irrigation’s line of GPS Ready irrigation control panels can be programmed to apply different levels of inputs within the same field, based on data the GPS receiver collects and feeds to the control panel. They perform all of the necessary GPS position calculations right in the control panel, eliminating the need for external computers. They are also compatible with different types of GPS receivers, including WAAS-enabled receivers, so that producers can pick the GPS receiver with the accuracies necessary to meet the required management needs.