Rimol Celebrates 15th Anniversary of First Greenhouse Installation

Fifteen years after Rimol Greenhouse Systems began manufacturing its own greenhouse structures, the first two Northpoint Series structures it ever assembled are still standing tall for Adams Apple Orchard & Farm Market. In 2014, the greenhouse manufacturer now has 10 structures it can call its own.

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Improving Measurements of Leaf Area Index

Unique technology now makes it possible for consultants and researchers to make leaf area index (LAI) measurements in all uniform sky conditions, greatly increasing efficiency and providing more accurate information on crop productivity.

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Take Control and Capture Yield Potential

Corn has the potential to yield 500 bushels per acre. Yet, according to the USDA, the average corn yield lands short at 158. With an estimated 27 percent global population growth by 2050, the increasing demand will not be met. Gregg Sauder, founder and former CEO of Precision Planting, recently launched a new company – Yield360 – that offers a paradigm-shifting system.

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Valley Water Management Partners with Yaskawa

Valley Water Management and Yaskawa America are partnering to provide variable-frequency drives for VWM pump stations. Variable-frequency drives ensure that pump motors function at optimal efficiency. They can dramatically boost efficiency and energy savings.

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