Skid Steers


The V330 is powered by a turbocharged, 84 hp Yanmar diesel engine and offers over 131 inches of lift height and a rated operating capacity of 3,300 pounds.


RT Series loaders feature the HydraTrac automatic track tensioning system, eliminating the need for manually tensioning the tracks before operation.


Harlo Products

The HP5000 and HP6500 rough-terrain models were designed with harvesting in mind, with a compact design, tight turn radius, power and speed.



The pallet fork offers a heavy-duty, rail-style frame with multiple tie-down locations. The 10-degree back angle maximizes pallet fork breakout force.

Earth & Turf Products

Home Plate is a weld-on attachment plate for use with universal skid steer quick-attach systems. It measures 3 inches deep, 18 inches high and 48 inches wide.

General Equipment

The DIG-R-TACH line of earth-drilling attachments includes Series 16 and Series 24 and allows for use with both small and large hydraulic systems.

Kencove Farm Fence Supplies

The Kiwi skid steer post driver handles fence posts up to 10 feet tall and 8.75 inches in diameter. A patented safety arm holds the post securely while driving.


McMillen 75 Series Augers use a sealed planetary reduction auger drive. An internal hydraulic relief valve protects the unit and hydraulic system.

Phil Brown Welding Corp.

Box Rotators are available in 130 or 180-degree versions, with or without a clamping system. Dump produce and other products directly into a truck or spreader.


The Mega 720 is built with a 72-inch long main frame and 11 rows of resilient polypropylene bristles. The attachment contains no moving parts.

Woods Equipment

Alitec skid steer attachments include tillers, augers, stump grinders, pallet forks and buckets. Three models of stump grinders have 3.52-inch wide cutting heads.


Low-profile tine grapples come in 72, 78 and 84-inch overall widths with 3,000 PSI cylinders and cylinder guards. They feature 5.5-inch tine spacing.