A1 Mist Sprayers

Low-volume mist/air-blast sprayers for use on fruit and vegetable crops, vineyards, orchards and groves. Also used for fly control, armyworms, stinkbugs and more.

http://www.mistsprayers.com, 877-924-2474

Branson Tractors

SL loaders have a high lift capacity.They fit the 00 Series tractors,available with 24 or 28 hp enginesand manual or hydrostatic transmissions.

http://www.bransontractor.com, 877-734-2022


The ST-180 Elite 15-foot rotarymower features a smooth top deck,three spindle gearboxes, cuttingheights from 2 to 17 inches and sixsolid rubber tires.


Earth & Turf Products

The Model 320 Row Crop Special spreader has a 2-cubic-yard capacity, maximum spread width of 72 inches and side-to-side spread beater. Optional light material sides.

http://www.earthandturf.com, 888-693-2638

Echo Bear Cat

The CH9540H PTO chipper has up to a 9-inch chipping capacity, integrated discharge blower and four reversible chipping blades with a four-sided, adjustable anvil.

http://www.bearcatproducts.com, 701-282-5520

Ford Distributing

The Multivator is a rotary powered cultivator that provides weed control between the rows of a field crop. Custom-built to suit a variety of tractors, crops and row centers.

http://www.forddistributing.com, 888-222-8455

Forestry Suppliers

ATV Utility Wagons feature independent suspension, high ground clearance, 25-inch tires, powder-coated steel body, balanced lift bed and double-hinged tailgate.

http://www.forestry-suppliers.com, 800-360-7788

Hardi North America

The Navigator 6000 features a 1,600-gallon capacity, optional dual wheel package, 80 to 120-foot Eagle booms and 120 or 132-foot Force booms.

http://www.hardi-us.com, 563-386-1730


Offers seven cannon sprayers, 12 air-blast sprayers, two air-assist boom sprayers and nine backpack sprayers for fruit, vegetable and vineyard growers.

http://www.jacto.com, 800-522-8610

Kennco Mfg.

Three-point and towed sprayers from 200 to 2,000 gallons. High-pressure pumps and plumbing are standard. Now offers booms up to 36 feet long (80 feet tip to tip).

http://www.kenncomfg.com, 813-645-2591

Kioti Tractor

Front-end loaders feature heavy lift capacity, low profile, built-in parking stand, quick-attach mounting system, and reinforced steel and boxed frame design.

http://www.kioti.com, 877-GO-KIOTI

Kunz Engineering

AcrEase rough cut mowers, powered by 18 to 23 hp engines, come in 44 and 57-inch models with a four-tire design and twin blades to handle heavy grass and brush.

http://www.kunzeng.com, 815-539-6954

Laforge Systems

The VersaDeck multipurpose platform comes standard with a three-point A-frame. It has a 96-by-72-inch floor plate and loading capacity of 3,300 pounds.

http://www.versadeck.net, 800-422-5636

Lanco Mfg.

The LS-655 spreader has a struck capacity of 65 cubic feet and is designed for a maximum payload of 3 tons. The standard hydraulic drive requires 8 GPM.

http://www.lancoequipment.com, 717-556-4143

Land Pride

The RTR20 Series reverse-till rotary tiller for 23 to 40 hp tractors comes in 64 and 72-inch cutting widths with a 17-inch rotor swing diameter and adjustable skid shoes.

http://www.landpride.com, 785-823-3276

Lely USA

The Lely Weeder has spring tines that vibrate their way through the upper layer of soil, removing all weeds. Hard surface crust is disturbed, helping with surface drainage.

http://www.lelyusa.com, 888-245-4684


CropCare 500 and 750-gallon trailer sprayers offer a wide range of wheelbase adjustment, from 63 to 90 inches. A larger frame allows for larger wheels.

http://www.cropcareequipment.com, 717-738-7365

Phil Brown Welding

The hydraulic work platform includes two work stations that move up/down and in/out independently. Fully collapsed, the unit is 68 inches wide.

http://www.philbrownwelding.com, 616-784-3046

Rain-Flo Irrigation

The 2600 Series II plastic mulch layer allows for plastic widths from 3 to 5 feet and bed heights from 5 to 9 inches. Adjustable brake tension on plastic roll carriers.

http://www.rainfloirrigation.com, 717-445-3000

Rocca Industries

The PMR 3 Series plastic mulch retriever is a three-row system with specially designed offset construction that ensures a high-speed run through the field.

http://www.roccaindustries.com, 229-886-1048

Simonsen Industries

The SMC is a stainless steel pull spreader available with 50 or 70-foot spread widths and 5, 6 or 8-ton capacities. Spreads at a rate of up to 640 pounds per acre.

http://www.simonsen-industries.com, 800-831-4860

STEC Equipment

RotaDairon Soil Renovators feature reverse rotation blades, screening rods, grader blade, packer roller, adjustable working depth and hydraulic rotor clutch.

http://www.stecequipment.com, 888-325-2532

Thomas Bros. Equipment

The 100-gallon, three-point Proptec Multi-Spray has a boom that rotates from vertical to horizontal and fully adjustable heads. Other models are available.


TurfTime Equipment

Forigo stone buriers and bed shapers make quick work of soil preparation in open fields or the greenhouse. Select a size for your desired row width and depth.

http://www.turftimeeq.com, 800-201-1031

Weed Badger

Mower and tiller/mower combo models offer a variety of rotor sizes and tools that fit any grower’s needs, crops and tractor size. Sweep, rake, weed and more.

http://www.weedbadger.com, 800-437-3392

Whatcom Mfg.

Mulch spreaders are engineered to accommodate all applications using mulch, sawdust, shavings, manure, solids, gypsum, organic wood chips and more.

http://www.whatcommfg.com, 360-354-3094

Willsie Equipment Sales

Manufactures planting, weeding and harvesting equipment for large and small growing operations. Distributes Garford weeders, cultivators and guidance systems.

http://www.willsie.com, 800-561-3025 l

Next month’s product focus will feature Seed Sources, Nursery Stock & Saplings.