Rainstar E models feature hot-dip-galvanized steel construction for corrosion protection, robust machine supports, precision chain drive and closed reel core., 800-922-8375

Portable wheeled sprinkler carts come in five different sizes with flow capabilities ranging from 5 to 500 GPM and wetted diameters from 120 to 400 feet., 855-805-7901

Dosatron International

Dosatron water-powered injectors ensure that crops get the right amount of nutrients every time; they are accurate regardless of variance in pressure or flow., 727-443-5404

Dramm Corp.

VitroClean is made from recycled, processed glass and is a direct replacement for silica sand and other materials in media filters. It does not degrade like sand., 920-684-0227

Ecologel Solutions

Hydretain is a patented water management technology that reduces plant watering requirements by up to 50 percent or more. USDA-certified biobased product., 352-620-2020

Green Safe Solutions

BioWash soil amendment is a biodegradable, nontoxic, carcinogen-free fertilizer booster. It improves absorption of moisture, enhances drought resistance and more., 239-465-1890


Dosmatic SuperDos water-driven injectors offer proportional positive displacement so the right amount of chemical is injected every time, regardless of pressure/flow., 800-634-6362

Irrometer Co.

IRROmesh simplifies irrigation management for precision farming. Solar-powered nodes “talk” to each other, relaying critical data for site-specific irrigation management., 951-682-9505

Kennco Mfg.

The ditch plow is engineered for digging irrigation and drainage ditches to remove excess water from the field. The plow point is made with hardened steel and is replaceable., 813-645-2591


Kifco Water-Reels are ideal for smaller fields and fields with irregular shapes. They are easily transported. Increase your yields by applying water on demand., 800-452-7017

Line Blaster

Line Blaster breaks up deposits in emitters and turns them into microscopic dust that will pass through any orifice. Use 1 gallon for every 6,000 gallons of water., 800-CHEM-911

Martin’s Produce Supplies

Carries a full line of supplies for the greenhouse and produce industry. Irrigation supplies include sprinklers, pressure regulators, drip tape, drippers and more., 717-532-5918


The Blueberry Jet provides a 4 to 5-foot, uniform, 360-degree spray pattern, which is ideal for blueberries. The downward spray pattern keeps the water directed to the roots., 863-439-3667


The CONNECT product line of wireless monitoring systems and sensors provides growers with accurate data 24/7 on the status of their crops and irrigation systems., 800-220-2279

Nelson Irrigation

The 2000 Series Rotators have a cap and body style that incorporates an impact-resistant cap and protected brake, as well as a tighter-fitting adapter., 509-525-7660

Rain-Flo Irrigation

Hard-hose water reels are a great way to water your crops. Offers a variety of reel and pump sizes to meet your needs. Bauer and Kifco reels available., 717-445-3000

Ronk Electrical Industries

The Ronk RotoCon CP phase converter is designed for center pivot irrigation systems when three-phase power is needed and only single-phase is available., 800-221-7665

Senninger Irrigation

The Mister-Fogger is a solution for cooling and humidity control in greenhouses. The highly uniform emitter creates very fine droplets that quickly spread and evaporate., 407-877-5655

Superior Aqua Enterprises

The Superior Aqua Agricultural System automatically injects copper ions into the irrigation system. The copper ions destroy algae, slime, molds and fungi., 800-225-0119


Designs, sells, consults and installs drip irrigation systems throughout the Midwest and mid-Atlantic states. Subsurface irrigation as well as aboveground., 269-429-8200