ABI Irrigation

ABI Irrigation manufactures a wide range of irrigation equipment including automatic reel machines in a variety of sizes and capacities.

Amiad Filtration Systems

The Filtomat M100 Automatic Self-Cleaning Screen Filter requires minimal maintenance and produce up to 75 percent less backflush water than sand media systems.

Armored Textiles, Inc.

Bandama extruded nitrile and circular woven polyester/ nylon hose has a minimum burst pressure of 450 PSI; 4, 4.5, 6, 8 and 10-inch diameters in lengths up to 700 feet.

Automata, Inc.

The MINI-SAT Field Station remotely monitors and controls systems for frost protection, IPM and irrigation scheduling and control.

Baseline Systems

Baseline Systems provides soil moisture sensors and two-wire irrigation control technologies, including the BaseStation 3200 control system.


Providing a variety of irrigation equipment, including its line of portable, large volume irrigation carts. Models provide spray coverage up to 250 feet in diameter.


Cadman Mini-Travellers feature the latest in design technology. They are compact and easy to set up and use.

CDS-John Blue Co.

Complete line of irrigation pumps covering a wide range of application rates and power sources made from 316 stainless steel and polypropylene.


The Coxreels 1125 Series Competitor hand crank and motorized hose reels feature all-welded frame, heavy spun discs, low profile outlet riser and open drum slot design.

Dosmatic Intl.

The TurboDos100 and 200 chemical injectors can inject up to two chemicals simultaneously and independent at flow rates ranging from 20 to 200 GPM.

DripWorks, Inc.

DripWorks .25-inch Soaker Dripline a poly tubing roll with emitters factory installed evenly inside the tubing, available in 6, 9 or 12-inch spacings for beds up to 22 feet long.

Dynamax, Inc.

SmartCrop Automated Crop Stress Monitoring System uses IR sensors to determine when crops are under stress and provides notification via Internet or cell phone.

Echo, Inc.

The WP-1000 Water Pump features an all-die-cast aluminum pump housing and a 21.2cc two-stroke engine with Pro-Fire electronic ignition offering up to 28 GPM discharge.

Evenproducts Ltd.

Galvanized steel water tanks with liners and covers. Sectional construction for easier installation and suitable for storing up to 440,000 gallons.

Flo-Tec, Inc.

Water treatment products keep irrigation lines and emitters free from biological and mineral plugging and staining, including Matrix, NIC, NIC6 and Di-Oxy Flush.

Griswold Pump Co.

Vertical Turbine Series pumps are available with vertical hollow shaft, vertical solid shaft, electric motor drive or right-angle gear drive from 60 to 14,000 GPM.

Honda Power Equipment

Honda High Pressure Pumps, WH15 and WH20, feature cast iron impellers, high pressure centrifugal self-priming pumps, an 8.5:1 compression ratio and up to 134 GPM.

Hunter Industries

The Solar Synch ET sensor continually gathers solar and temperature data and determines irrigation requirements. It also makes seasonal adjustments.

KID Group

Micro Rain Traveling Sprinkler systems from the KID Group provide automatic, portable irrigation for areas up to 30 acres in size.

Kifco, Inc.

The Kifco Water-Reel irrigation systems feature self-winding reels attached to sprinkler traveler carts and can be left unattended to switch off when watering is finished.

King Innovation

DryConn UL 486D Listed Waterproof Connectors from King Innovation are available for a wide variety of applications including valve boxes, control boxes and irrigation systems.

Maxijet, Inc.

The Max-360 Blueberry Jet Stake Assembly is equipped with a down spray stream pattern and micro spray covering a 4 to 5-foot diameter.

Miller-Leaman, Inc.

The new injection-molded plastic Helix filters, designed to filter irrigation water, are available with polypropylene disc media or stainless steel screens.


AquaPro High Flow battery-operated irrigation timers with .75-inch valves operate with pressures as low as 3 PSI for gravity or low-pressure systems.

Omega Engineering, Inc.

The FMG-1000 series mechanical meter has no moving parts and comes with a built-in pulse output for data logging/ telemetry. Solar power and data logger options available.

Penda Corp.

SmartDitch is an HDPE ditch liner conveyance system that stops erosion and can be installed on steep slopes and other difficult areas because of its flexibility.


SeaMetrics AG2000 electromagnetic water meters come in 4 to 10-inch sizes with standard pipe flanges. Operates on external power or internal battery.

Senninger Irrigation, Inc.

Quick-Connect Riser Adapters allow units with .5-inch M NPT base connection to mount onto .5-inch PVC, .75-inch PVC or 5/16-inch steel rod stakes.

Shur Farms Frost Protection

The Shur Farms Cold Air Drain uses just 1 to 3 gallons of fuel per hour and is available in three sizes with a variety of power options.

Spectrum Technologies, Inc.

WaterScout Soil Moisture Sensors measure soil moisture and connect to a hand-held reader or can be buried and tracked with a WatchDog data-logging weather station.

Superior Aqua Enterprises, Inc.

Superior Aqua Agricultural Systems automatically inject copper ions into the irrigation system to clear and control algae, bio-slimes, molds and fungi.

Toro Micro-Irrigation

Aqua-Traxx PBX (Proportionally Balanced Cross) emitters in extruded tubes are available at any emitter spacing from 4 to 24 inches.