Tackle Resistance Challenges with Early-Season Weed Control

With glyphosate-resistant Palmer amaranth (pigweed) rapidly spreading north and glyphosate-resistant water hemp wreaking havoc on many acres across the Midwest, retailers and growers alike are looking for weed management solutions. Over the years, university and Syngenta scientists have pooled resources to crack the resistance code.

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Good Year for Apples at Last

The trees may be bare, but there’s still a lot of action at Vermont’s apple orchards, with growers packing fruit for sale and putting some into storage for sales throughout the spring season. Prices are high, and much of the crop has survived last spring’s frosts.

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Restricted-Use Pesticides Require an Extra Level of Care

The owner of a horticultural company was fined recently for using a restricted-use pesticide (RUP) in ways that were inconsistent with the product label. The product’s use was restricted due to human health concerns, but workers had applied the product without proper training or the required personal protective equipment (PPE).

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Michigan State Researches Rot Detection

Researchers at Michigan State University are attempting to develop a way to tell if chestnuts are rotten without opening them. The aim is to create a method by which it is possible to detect internal decay to ensure that produce reaching the shelves is of high quality.

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