HARDI North America

The IRIS application system allows for individual air adjustment, as each outlet permits steep angling or even closing of the air supply, if necessary. The IRIS system provides the required droplet size and air conduction to the target. The most delicate and difficult part of the vine, the grape cluster, is safely treated throughout the season, due to an easy, quick calibration with the system.


Lakeview Vineyard Equipment

Gregoire G7 and G8 grape harvesters are equipped with ECOdrive, allowing operators to save fuel by running the engine automatically at low revs when turning on the headland. The front tool carrier interface has been developed to quickly, safely connect all Gregoire tools. The software immediately recognizes the tool and can be operated directly from the VIEWmaster, CONTROLmaster and MULTIdrive. A centralized data screen provides a complete display of most of the harvester functions in one glance. All harvester functions are operated from the side console, which has an interactive display and memory function. The linear neutral position of the joystick allows it to cover more functions.


Shur Farms Frost Protection

The Shur Farms Cold Air Drain is powerful frost protection that removes cold air by sending it up to 300 feet. The state-of-the-art propeller and wind tunnel design make the unit extremely effective. The Cold Air Drain is also cost-effective, requiring little site prep, low fuel usage and minimal maintenance. It comes in three sizes with various power options for targeted frost protection. It features an all-steel, freestanding base and precision-engineered tower supports designed to reduce movement and vibration in the tower.


Thomas Bros. Equipment

The Proptec Multi Spray from Thomas Bros. is a self-contained air sprayer with a 24 hp Honda engine. Available in models with one to four heads.

Weed Badger

The Model 4200 in-row tiller is designed for tractors from 18 to 30 hp and works in narrow rows. It can be installed or removed in minutes, and up-front visibility puts the operator in control of everything. Choose from three different rotor sizes that will produce a 14, 18 or 21-inch cultivated swath. This model provides up to 14 inches of vertical clearance under the frame for row straddling applications. It has a completely self-contained hydraulic system matched to the needs of the tillage or mowing head. It also features on-the-go, electrohydraulic, side-to-side tilt adjustment.


Whatcom Mfg.

Custom-built mulch spreaders are designed for vineyard, orchard and blueberry growers. The narrow-width, high-capacity models accommodate mature fields and minimize time and trips required to cover larger-acreage plantings. There are two options for operation. The E Model uses the tractor’s PTO to run the discharge belt, and the tractor’s hydraulics to run the floor chain/hydraulics, via a variable-speed flow control so the speed of the floor can be fine-tuned for the correct application. The H Model uses the tractor’s PTO to run a hydraulic pump and has its own onboard hydraulic tank. The pump feeds a variable-speed flow control for the discharge belt, and one for the floor chain.