January 20-23 Greenhouse Crop Production & Engineering Design Short Course. Tucson. Call 520-626-9566 or visit for details.


December 12-14 Pierce’s Disease Research Symposium. San Diego. For more information, call 916-651-0267.

January 5 Fruit Tree Pruning: Harvest for the Hungry. Santa Rosa. For more information, call 707-579-2584.

March 30-April 1 Grape and Tree Fruit League Annual Meeting. San Francisco. For more information, visit


January 30-February 1 Southern Rocky Mountain Agricultural Conference and Trade Fair. Monte Vista. Call 719-754-3494 or e-mail to learn more.

February 20-23 Colorado Agriculture Big and Small Conference. Greeley. For more information, call 303-678-6383 or visit


January 6-9 International Symposium: Application of Precision Agriculture for Fruits and Vegetables. Orlando, Fla. Call 863-956-1151 or visit to learn more.

January 10-14 National Potato Council Annual Meeting. Marco Island, Fla. For more information, call 202-682-9456 or visit

January 24-27 27th Annual Guelph Organic Conference. Guelph, Ont. Call 705-444-0923 or visit to learn more.

January 29-31 National Bramble Conference. Hershey, Pa. For details, call 919-542-3687 or e-mail

January 29-31 North American Strawberry Growers Association Annual Meeting and Conference. Hershey, Pa. For more information, call 613-258-4587 or visit

February 8-11 American Nursery and Landscape Association Management Clinic. Louisville, Ky. Visit for details.

February 9-12 U.S. Composting Council Conference and Exhibition. Oakland, Calif. For more information, call 631-737-4931 or visit

February 12-14 2008 World Ag Expo. Tulare, Calif. Visit to learn more.

February 18-20 North American Farmers’ Direct Marketing Association Annual Convention. Dells, Wis. For more information, visit