New Restrictions on Pesticides in Western States
The EPA announced new rules on the use of three organophosphate pesticides—chlorpyrifos (Lorsban), diazinon and malathion—to protect endangered salmon and steelhead in Western states.

Among the new rules is a 100 to 1,000-foot buffer zone for applications near irrigation ditches, canals and tributaries that might lead to waterways where endangered salmon species are known to exist. The size of the buffer zone depends on the rate of application, the droplet size and the size and type of the body of water.

These new requirements are likely to appear on product labels and county bulletins by spring 2010. EPA plans to include a buffer zone calculator in the county bulletins. Growers in the Sacramento Valley are affected and requirements could eventually include growers along the San Joaquin River if endangered salmon runs are restored as expected under a recent federal agreement.

Other anticipated changes to product labels include a ban on applications if wind speeds exceed 10 mph, if the soil is saturated and/or if rain is predicted within 48 hours of the application. New requirements to report incidents of fish kills are also included.

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New Agricultural Aviation Scholarship Program
BASF and the National Agricultural Aviation Association (NAAA) unveiled a scholarship program designed to help its recipients pursue a career in agricultural aviation. BASF partnered with the NAAA to develop and establish the scholarship program.

BASF will provide a $5,000 grant to the scholarship program each year for three years, beginning in 2011. Scholarship winners—the number of which may vary from year to year—will be selected by NAAA, and must use awarded funds for either flight training or agriculture-related course work at a university, college, community college or other institution of higher learning.

The goal of the scholarship is to assist NAAA operators to bring new pilots into the field and help in their training to become a successful aerial applicator. Each scholarship entrant will need to be sponsored by an NAAA member.

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Natural Forces Announces Lower Use Rates for SorbiShield 90
Natural Forces has updated the application recommendations to reduce the use rates for SorbiShield 90 from 0.5 percent v/v solution to 0.2 to 0.4 percent v/v solution. SorbiShield 90 miticide/ovicide/insecticide provides control of a wide range of soft-bodied pests that concern greenhouse growers and farmers. Based on natural sugar esters, its mode of action creates holes in the target pests causing rapid death from desiccation and suffocation. SorbiShield is EPA registered to protect a wide range of plants, vegetables, fruit and nut crops.

New Product

Marrone Bio Introduces iPhone App
Marrone Bio Innovations (MBI) has introduced a pesticide tank mix calculator application for use on the Apple iPhone/iPod Touch. The application, called Marrone Mobile Ag Tank Mix Calculator, is a free application that can quickly and accurately help growers and applicators calculate proper ratios of up to any three pesticide products to be mixed together in the spray tank.

All that is needed is the capacity of the spray tank, the total area planned to treat and the proper rates of the products to be applied. The application calculates proper volumes for each product for each tank fill, the number of tank mixes needed to cover the area and the total amount of each product needed to cover the entire area.

MBI expects to introduce a version for Blackberry smart phones in the future.

A Prescription for Plant Health
Growth Product’s new Recover Rx 3-18-18 with SA is a foliar spray containing salicylic acid, the active ingredient in aspirin. Recover Rx 3-18-18 encourages root development, increases cell division, improves vigor and enhances disease resistance. It increases fruit set and fruit size on important crops and helps rejuvenate stressed trees and shrubs. A foliar application of Recover Rx supplements also provides a dose of phosphite, a quick-acting, soluble form of phosphorus (P) that is rapidly absorbed through a plant’s leaves, stems and roots.

Recover Rx is a highly soluble foliar formulation with low salt index designed to be used in concert with soil and tissue tests to produce optimal nutrient levels. It can be placed immediately under seeds to speed early growth and strengthen young plants and can effectively be applied at the first to second true leaf stage for seeded crops. Its use can be continued up until harvest. Recover Rx also works as a transplant solution and drench.

Agrian Mobile Information Center iPhone /iPod Touch App
Agrian announced the Agrian Mobile Information Center. The Agrian Mobile Information Center takes Agrian’s agrochemical compliance label database and provides it on the iPhone/iPod Touch platform, giving those involved in crop protection and food safety the ability to access over 3,800 manufacturer-approved labels anywhere at anytime.

The Agrian Mobile Information Center provides on-demand searchable label information while in the field, enabling subscribers to search by product brand name, registered states, pests controlled and specific product use rates. The application also includes active ingredient, signal word, minimum air/ground diluents and safety information. Users can view the manufacturer’s original product label and material safety data sheets (MSDS).